Guaranteed Payouts Scam Review! CAUTION!!

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It’s Christmas time and another binary options scam has been released, Guaranteed Payouts Scam is a fraudulent signals service in which they promise you thousands of dollars everyday with no real efforts at all. You might really like this auto-trader since it promises wealth and constant results but the thing is… it’s not going to function like Victor Langley claimed it would. This is just a sightly different money making scheme that manipulates fancy words into sounding like they’re profitable and a once in a life time opportunity. Besides all the negative feedback we received from authority websites, traders are also confirming that no profits were made with the Guaranteed Payouts Scam.

On the website, many manipulative strategies were found on the first page, the typical “join now or your spots will be taken” practice was used by Victor Langley. This common characteristic is found on the average binary options scam to trick you into buying their trading software a lot more quicker, if you were to browse other website for a whole day and come back to their website, the offer will still be there. The Guaranteed Payouts Scam also made no reference on Victor Langley’s background. Sure, he’s multi millionaire but how can you proof that your statements are true?

The Guaranteed Payouts Software is deceptive!!

Guaranteed Payouts is a faulty autotrader

Victor Langley rambles on and on about how successful and accurate his trading software is but he did not address on how the Guaranteed Payouts App generates all those winning signals, are we supposed to take your word for granted?? A large sum of Scam Artist are always making promises and offering the holy grail in trading but it seems that all of them are bogus. It would be really beneficial for us and the binary options community to see the Guaranteed Payouts software demonstrate a live trading video or any mentions on the algorithm.

But since they took no actions on this matter, it all just shows that they have no interest in making themselves credible and transparent. For crying out loud!! This Victor Langley doesn’t even have a proper profile in this industry, no social media accounts were found, not even a LinkedIn account. Surely a rich person like him would engage over some sort of social marketplace. This is probably a made up character since there is no evidence that indicates that he’s a real person. From what we’ve analysed, nothing about  Guaranteed Payouts is legitimate!!

The Guaranteed Payouts Scam uses fake reviews!!

Guaranteed Payouts uses fake testimonials

Those short testimonials that you found on Victor Langley review page were fake, if you do a quick search on those profile pictures, you can easily access them on the internet which means that Guaranteed Payouts used other peoples photo to supposedly demonstrate that they are legit. It’s funny how they say that such trading software makes 94 percent ITM rates but they still find necessary to make fake reviews. This is just one of the few ways in which scams lie about their performance, anyone can demonstrate photoshopped bank account screenshots and testimonials can be purchased on Fiverr as low as 5 dollars.

The Guaranteed Payouts App has fake badges!!

Victor Langley uses made up bagdes on the website

You can also witness two endorsed badges on the website but if you look closely, those widgets aren’t clickable so copying and pasting those images are as easy as putting your socks on. The names that are endorsing this binary options scam are not anywhere found in this industry which also means that they’re made up and fake!! Not even their customer support is functional, contact email does not seem to respond to any messages, we have asked them for any information on the trading software itself but apparently that’s too much to ask.

Conclusion on the Guaranteed Payouts Review

Guaranteed Payouts is a SCAMWe have gone over many tactics and strategies that Victor Langley used on this signals services, this is not the qualities a transparent and trustworthy trading system has in their signals process. There are much better services out there that actually do care for their traders. Mike’s Auto Trader is all about trading experience and they don’t have to lie about their results, they are consistent and profitable, not like this scam that only purchases fake reviews and falsely showcase results that aren’t real!

If you’re really looking to trade with a profitable trading software, please visit our Binary Options Signals Page and choose your preferred one. Just don’t go with this money making scheme because you will lose your money if you invest in this auto-trader. We urge you to stay cautious and trade safely, Good luck and happy Christmas!!

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  1. Hi. I deposited $300 to this guaranteed payout and my i cannot access my account anymore. Any help from you, i just want to withdraw my money back to my account to this bloombex broker. I work so hard to earn this money. I THANK YOU for your advice and help to get my money back.

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