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Hedge Formula Review
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Another fraudulent scheme has been released by the name of Hedge Formula, this is not the kind of software you think it is. George Dalio, the owner or culprit behind this bogus trading system is promising insane amounts of profits in a short period of time, the question is… is it really profitable or another low performing auto trader that will just scam you until you have nothing left! Patrol has reasons to believe that hedgeformula.co is up to no good and the people who actually try the trading software is losing all their money due to its terrible ITM rate. Please read our full Hedge Formula Review because we will dive into specific details on why this system is a scam!

The first and most noticeable fact we’ve discovered on this system was that George Dalio claimed that his company is a register trademark that handles clientele and costumers like a normal registered business. We of coursed did further investigation on this Hedge Formula scam and found no indications that this trading software is verified or register, extensive research was done on Google and social media but in the end, all we found were blank pages that had nothing to do with the hedgeformula.co website. A nice hint that proves that George Dalio is lying about such achievements and is most likely shared by him to show some sort of authenticity and authority when there really isn’t any. But really, who in the world is this George Dalio?

Hedge Formula is dodgy and Suspicious!

Hedge Formula
Results Review Scam

Second of all, this uses the same sales tactics that the average binary options scam uses now a days. The CEO speaks for nearly half an hour explaining how this software is nothing like you have seen before but here’s the thing. Notice how he barely mentions any real insight on this works, just consistent phrases that will make you drool over his Hedge Formula software. Things like “Imagine how your life will change” or ” Buying the dream car you desire” and other non sense that really doesn’t matter when profiting successfully. But of course, all those things are said on the hedgeformula.co website to manipulate you even faster and pull those hard earned dollars to their pocket.  You really can’t trust the Hedge Formula system since the developer of this system has never been heard off before. Usually on legitimate and trustworthy services before they ever start claiming ITM results, they first gather real reviews from authority channels and traders to share their honest opinion on how it works, and only then when the software has been launched for a couple of weeks or a even a month, then they start showcasing results but this hedgeformula.co app hasn’t been in the market for more than 4 days and it’s already promising to be the best auto trader ever!

But don’t get us wrong, achieving good trading results with a system is possible but not with some bogus software that doesn’t implement good or tested algorithm. Fun fact also, those short video clips you see playing on the hedgeformula.co introduction video are actually purchased from an online marketplace called Fiverr.com. If you have a good sense of acting, you’ll notice that most of the testimonials sound rather scripted than naturally spoken. So please don’t believe that such users made that kind of money with the Hedge Formula software because it’s most likely that they didn’t. Not to mention they show off a very bland and stupid screenshot of trading results implying that this trading software can perform 100% ITM rate.

Why the Hedge Formula Scam won’t work!

Like we were saying, they are insinuating that the hedgeformula.co is able to produce consistent trading results without any losses. That is of course the biggest lie in trading history because if you ask any experienced trader that knows what they are doing,  that if trading binary options can be profited without ever making a single loss, you’ll see how they will start laughing historically. It can’t be done and seen how George Dalio can even dare to say such stupidity shows what kind of person he really is, it shows that he’s willing to lie on any stupid measure in order to get to give them your earnings!

Keypoints on the Hedgeformula.co Scam Review

  • Developer of this software promises results that can’t be achieved in binary options trading.
  • No beta tester or used has made a single cent with the auto trader, those testimonials you see on their welcome page are purchased from Fiverr.com
  • They guaranteed 100& ITM success rate, it can’t be done and is way lower than that!
  • More like 67 Percent based on reports found on blogs and commentaries

Performance of such Software

Nowhere on the internet can support the claims that George Dalio has on his trading system, no real evidence has been found that proves that such auto trader can generate such spectacular results. But real reports found on comments and forums state that the Hedge Formula system is making from 54 to 58 percent ITM which is way off from what the guru said on the video.

End of the Hedge Formula Review

Hedge Formula Review
Scam Review

Everything found on their service is rather disappointing to the things that are already available in the market. This person seriously doesn’t strive to be authentic or even original, countless of blacklisted reviews can be found online and we’re pretty sure that they are there for a good reason. That is why we highly recommend every single trader our there to avoid the Hedge Formula scam. It’s no good and it will empty your broker account.

If you are truly searching for a system that works and provide consistent results on a daily basis, you can have a look at the Neo2 App. It integrates the most modern type of trading technology up to date and it shows to be consistent even on the toughest markets, the developers behind are well-known and has been recommended as of the most innovative auto trader of 2016. Feel free to check that out and thank you for reading our review.

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