Hexa Trader is a Formula to Failure!

Hexa Trader Review

As you may all know, the binary options industry keeps growing, that means more scams are going to be knocking you at your door in hopes of leaving you empty-handed. The question that we must ask ourselves is does the Hexa Trader Software really live up to their promises or is it your typical garbage that will just burn your trading account, Patrol knows the answer and we’re going to dive into the reason why hexatrader.co and Professor Rupert Connor can’t be trusted, it’s critical that visitors read this scam review so pay close attention!

When first landing on this website, you might think that this is somewhat legit and semi-professional since their overall appearance doesn’t look that bad. But to be honest, this looks exactly as the other generic crap out there, the same theme and type of information you see on other scams, there are no unique features or details about the Hexa Trader software that would make this a superior option to other established services, even though this seems to have a good method, why on earth would you try this if there are other trusted and fully functional alternatives that have proven themselves over time.

Hexa Trader and it’s disappointing qualities

Hexa Trader Review Scam

Continuing our search in hopes of finding any good qualities that would make this a considerable option, Patrol also discovered that no information on this product could be validated. Professor Rupert Connor, whoever this individual is can’t be traced anywhere, this crook just came out of nowhere with a product that barely has enough time to even say it’s a good system. How can we rely on such person if he has no credentials, trading history, pretty much nothing that connects him to the binary options industry. We even tried to reach him but no Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile could be found. All of these red flags indicate that this person is simply not a real trader and a made up character that the scammers behind Hex Trader Software made up to make their sales story more convincing. This is common in binary options scams since no money or dedication was invested in the auto trader itself, therefore they don’t mind creating false information.

But here lies the biggest problem with hexatrader.co, their promotional campaigns are complete BS and are shared via testimonials that “members” of this service are trading with. According to these reviews, they are having the best time of their lives enjoying all their profits without barely lifting a finger, sounds amazing right!? Well, little did you know that every single review on this Hexa Trader scam are fake, meaning they were all paid to be positive, what binaryoptionspatrol.com means by that is how these culprits paid other people to say scripted words just for the sake of getting only good opinions out there, who knows the real performance and average itm performance this has! That is why trusting such company with your hard-earned money would be a very dangerous choice, not only that but it’s expected from Professor Rupert Connor to be this deceitful since the promised results are 94% ITM, of course this was all going to be just words, no other existing trading service can generate such results since it’s not possible! The average win rate ranges from 73 to 84 percent ITM!

Results and performance of Hexa Trader

Now, it’s clear and obvious they have no interest in telling us anything real and legit about this product, nothing about their site or software seems to be reliable. That is why we did further analysis on their results and found out that this truly is a formula to a dead empty account, according to forums and many blog comments, users were experiencing an average win rate of 61% ITM. Many even stated that their capital was gone within 5 day of trading, that’s horrible and it truly shows what this trading software is all about. There’s also no idea on how the algorithms work, they mentioned a couple of scientific terms  on how this functions but trust us, that has nothing to with how a software works, all that scientific mumbo jumbo was said to fool you and make this appear as a highly piece of trading tech but it’s simply just complete trash.

Final Thoughts on our Hexa Trader Review

Hexa Trader Scam review

Our feelings on this company and what it stands for are pretty negative, quite frankly there is nothing worth recommending for and you’re simply much better off with other options. Professor Rupert Connor is a deceptive individual who must be avoided at all cost to prevent any financial disasters, that is why hexatrader.co is a SCAM!

In case you are searching for true ways of profiting from binary options, you might be better off with something like SnapCash Binary. This is developed by a well known trader who has gained respect for his innovative work in algorithmic trading, the platform itself that this is based on delivers an excellent interface for beginners and even experienced traders, so feel free to check them out and thank you for reading our Hexa Trader Review!

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