Holiday Cash Bot is a SCAM!!

Today we are reviewing another binary options software, the Holiday Cash Bot is a recently launched auto trader that might seem promising to the novice trader. Our opinion on this software is very low due to all the deceptive information we found on their page, We are positive that this Ronald Jackson guy is up to no good and here’s why!! As you can see on their pitch page, the very first sign of suspicion is found on top of the page claiming that 27 people are making over 1 millions dollars. In binary options, if you deposit 500 or even a 1,000 dollars to your trading account, reaching that kind of results is nearly impossible, this is still trading and risk are involved.

Apart from the unrealistic result, Holiday Cash Bot tries to sugar coated this fraudulent software by saying that it only works on Holidays and that it will not make you a millionaire like those scams tend to promise, talking about sarcasm… Ronald Jackson even fails to properly mention how this software really works, there’s no way to confirm of it’s accuracy if you just say that it “predicts well on holidays”, that’s not a very accurate explanation and when it comes to trading, we need to be as precised as possible in order to generate decent profits, it’s really confusing since Ronald Jackson worked on Wall Street, you would expect a guy to articulate himself better but that’s just something to keep in mind.

Holiday Cash Bot is a SCAM!! fails to mention that they use fake security badges to appear legitimate and trustworthy to the traders eye. If such trading software is capable of producing such profits, there will be no need for such deceptive measures, anything that works over 85% will go viral in the binary option industry. But Ronald Jackson knows that this Holiday Cash Bot doesn’t function like he says so cheating and deceiving is the only way to sell his faulty auto-trader. In regards their performance, we highly doubt that such shady auto trader is able to make any substantial profits, we’ve seen many scams like this before and this Holiday Cash Bot doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

Same staff, promising you to generate thousands of dollars and that it will all be easy but it won’t!! We also discovered that the testimonials on are all fake, if you right click on the image and select “search google for this image”, you’ll see many results using that same photo implemented in other fake reviews!! why would Ronald Jackson do that if this trading software generates so much money?? It’s obvious, because it doesn’t work and in order to have more possibilities of scamming people, he needs fake  testimonials and that’s why he does it. These are not the qualities a legitimate and fully functional auto trader has, the question is… Are you willing to risk your hard earned money to such poor and constructed scam??

Holiday Cash Bot doesn't work and should be avoid it, it's a scam!!Holiday Cash Bot is simply a very deceptive software that uses many techniques and practices that the common binary options scam have. We have seen many types of auto trader come and go in this industry, we can guaranteed you that this is no revolutionary software and if you think that Ronald Jackson helps with donations, you’re mistaken because we also did a background check on him and found no records of him been in Wall Street or anything related to trading. Our final verdict will still remain, the Holiday Cash Bot is a SCAM and a very deceptive software that uses dirty practices, we recommend you to go with establish services that have been back tested and approved by many traders, you can check our trusted signals list for more information.

In the meanwhile, practice on your demo account (It’s free) and avoid this scam!! Thank you for reading our Holiday Cash Bot scam review. Good luck!!

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