Honest Azure Method Scam Review!

Azure Method Review

A very convincing fraud by the name of Azure Method has been launched in the binary options industry, many traders have asked us if this trading software really lives up to it’s promises. We believe that very everything they’ve said and guaranteed on the azure-method.com site are all lies, recent feedback and evidence on this auto trader has led us to believe that this is not the right trading tool for binary options traders. There are many things you don’t know about Anthony Azure and in this Azure Method Review, Patrol is going to expose every single dirty tactic he used on his victims to steal their hard-earned money!

Now, we are sorry to break the sad news for you but we have to do it in order to remain transparent to our visitors. Even though you might see positive reviews on the internet endorsing the Azure Method, the statistics and performance remains the same. But before we go into that, lets talk about one of the main reasons why this software can’t be trusted. So, the first question you should ask yourself is who in the world is Anthony Azure? He might tell you that he was a very successful investor and that he made a lot of money but that doesn’t mean it’s true, there is not a shred of evidence that supports such achievements. We contacted every partner out there and none of them verified such individual been a previous investor in the stock market, Patrol also did his own investigation and was surprise to see no results matching the owner of this software on the internet. No LinkedIn account or Facebook profile was ever discovered, smalls indications that tell us that he is not a binary options trader or developer but rather an actor who is involved in a very elaborate trading scam.

Azure-method.com Filled with deceptive lies

Scam software
Azure Method Scam

But that’s not the reason why we find this incredibly manipulative and deceitful. If you scroll down their home page, you will see a list of testimonials given by beta testers who are currently profiting with the system.  Next to the person’s profile picture, a series of results will be presented showing reports like “35,000 dollars and even 120,000 in profits” on a couple of them but the truth is that none of those trading results are real, those people never made a single cent with the software. What Anthony Azure did was replicate other trader’s image and make it look like they really said that in their own words. You can test it for yourself also, just do an image search on those profile pictures you see on the Azure Method Scam and you’ll be met with thousands of page results showing the exact same picture. Which means anybody can grab that photo and use it for their own purposes.

So, why would the team of developers play on such a dirty trick to fool traders into thinking that? The answer is simple, Azure Method does not work! Maybe you didn’t listen to their sales pitch carefully, well… we don’t blame you since their script is very convincing but there is a part where Anthony Azure guarantees that this auto trader makes no losses. That’s hilarious and impossible, just by saying such idiotic statement can pretty much give us the real truth about his knowledge on the financial markets, he knows nothing and if you ask any experienced trader, he or she would tell you that nailing predictions with a 100% accuracy would be impossible. News and natural disaster are happening all over the world at any time, therefore predicting such outcomes can’t be done. This devious technique is only found in binary options scams and everything we find in them are found in the Azure Method software.

Azure-method.com System Results

We’ve dived into the actual content and marketing of this system but if it performs well, why should we even mention critics? Well, the trading performance of this scam doesn’t surpass 68% which is way off from what they consistently promised in their video. Weren’t their beta testers making 350,000 dollars a month? Then why is this so-called “holy grail” giving results of flipping coins! Once again, this bogus software doesn’t work at all! Not once was the algorithm mentioned, a clear message that this does not incorporate any proven methods to generate profitable signals. Trustworthy services usually share some insight on the actual process of making the signals since that en lights traders to know that there is a real mechanism behind it and that not some made up web software is going to play with their money. But yet Azure Method completely fails at that since this system is garbage.

Scam highlights

  • Anthony Azure avoids any information in regards the actual auto trader, just keeps showing you actors and sugar-coated phrases to make you drool over his system.
  • This software is blacklisted by authority websites and channels in the trading industry since it’s manipulative and misleading.
  • Many comments on forums complained that it’s just a scam and nothing more than that.
  • We tried contacting their support at support@azuremethod.com but no answers were received in regards the performance.

Conclusion in the Azure Method Review

Azure Method Scam
Azure Method Scam

Everything Patrol has discussed here has been shared with valid information found on their home page and marketing. After an extensive investigation we’ve come to the conclusion that there is nothing to recommend in this scam, don’t fall for this somewhat convincing gimmick, this is not a once in a lifetime opportunity. Trust us, this blog is dedicated to review every auto trader launch out there and there is at least 15 frauds very much a like the azure-method.com app that uses the same concept. We cannot endorse this foolish scam product therefore we highly advise every trader out there to avoid the azure-method.com scam.

If you are really looking to make decent amount of profits with a realistic goal that can be achieved, you might want to start looking for alternatives that don’t lie to your face and give lame excuses on how their app functions. You can try out the Neo2 App, the people behind  it are actually approved individuals who have gather large amount of likings in the trading community for their innovative work in algorithm based trading, these people have actually invested large sums of money to make their system the best and consistent app there is, their trading platform is quite straightforward so any experienced or rookie trader can use it, they offer great customer support 24/7 so feel free to visit their welcome site any time. Thank for reading our Azure Method Scam Review.

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  1. Clearly a scam, the Azure Method. Results are a fictitious. thank you for pointing out and exposing this scam

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