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Profit Booster App Scam Software Review

What a lame scam ladies and gentlemen, the Profit Booster App is nothing more but a gimmick to leave your wallets empty. This will not produce the results that Peter promises, Profitboosterapp.com has been specifically designed to lose every trade you ever make with the software, it’s mechanism is faulty and we have reasons to believe that it might even end your trading career if you let it. That’s why we recommend every trader in binary options to read our Profit Booster App scam review so further encounters with this specif software could be avoided. Let’s begin this roller-coaster ride because you will be indeed surprise!

The sad news about this trading software is that it actually looked quite promising but as we went through our investigation, we found out many flaws and deceptive tactics that gave us an alert that this might be a money making scheme. Peter, who by the way never made the time to actually show us his face says that this trading system is capable of generating thousands of dollars on complete auto pilot without no experience at all, he calls the Profitboosterapp.com software the holy grail in binary options. Well, even thought that’s very difficult to believe, this so called Peter has never been heard off in the world of online trading, nor of his technology company. Which makes it incredibly questionable since no credentials has been built up, how can you possible trust a software that has no real reviews and engagement?

Reasons to avoid the Profit Booster App Scam!

Software review
Profitboosterapp.com Scam Review

So besides the stupid and unrealistic promises made on their website, Peter is also showing fake results on the Profitboosterapp.com site. That’s right, you heard correctly! This fool is trying to deceive you into thinking that such members or so called beta-testers are actually making profits with the Profit Booster App software, this is in no way true and we can tell you that because google told us! What Patrol means is that if you do an image search on Amenda’s profile picture, you will see nearly 10 different pages showing the same photo implying that many websites and blogs use the same photo for content creation. That means that Amenda could be anyone and is really not her real name. Peter simply went online and grabbed a picture from the internet so he could write his own fraudulent testimonial to showcase on the Profitboosterapp.com website.

The question is, why would he take such actions if this auto trader is so successful and profitable? It’s pretty obvious don’t you think? Because if the Profit Booster App really worked, there would be no need to produce fake reviews since traders will share the software organically and pretty much promoted themselves. In binary options, everything is easily spread so worrying about marketing is pretty dumb unless you have something that is completely bogus, like this trading system. Everything that has been provided by the Profitboosterapp.com software is either a lie or fake, these kind of practices are usually found in binary options scams so it’s pretty much clear what the intentions of this software are.

Profit Booster App Scam Performance Review

This article could of been written in a positive way but the only vibe and information we are getting from it is pure maliciousness. The characteristics that this system integrates are not the ones you find in trustworthy system, typically in a legit signals service, they actually provide realistic results that can be achieved, insight on how their software functions and extensive information on how to use it properly. But when talking about the Profitboosterapp.com system, no mentions of their process of making signals are given, lame trading signals with low profitability are generated and no real support on how to use it. This all combined can lead to an empty account so these details must be taken into account when reviewing a software.

Yes but enough about what we think, what are the real trading results of the Profitboosterapp.com system, because if they are consistent, everything becomes irrelevant. But no, it’s results are absolutely dreadful, according to our deep analysis of the Profit Booster App Scam, traders are actually wiping their broker accounts in a matter of days, this result does not come from just one trader but from many testers of the software (found on comments and forums). Which means it’s not a coincidence and there’s definitely something wrong with software.

Summary Review of the Profitboosterapp.com Scam

  1. It showcases fake results that are not real, they are there to mislead visitors into thinking it’s profitable when it’s really just going to eat up all your capital.
  2. Does not provide any information on how it works or what’s the algorithm all about. Saying it’s using trend recognition is not enough, every auto trader in the market uses that.
  3. Support@profitboosterapp.com is only there to get you to join them but not really to assist you in any way, when asked about such poor results no answer was ever given.
  4. Review done by Peter makes it sound like it’s going to make you a millionaire when it’s actually going to worsen your financial problems.
  5. It’s a scam, there’s nothing more to it.

Final Thoughts on this Scam Review
Profitboosterapp.com Review

So, we’ve enfold every manipulative tactic and strategy on their trading system. Nothing unique or special is offered by this “software”. That is why we must stamp this review and say that Profit Booster App is a SCAM! It’s not worth the risk or time because everything that’s been given by their own brand and company has been empty promises and a system that just eats away your profits.

That is why real systems like Binadroid are out there, it makes consistent results with an average of 81 percent ITM. It functions perfectly well in any kind of market and is very user friendly to use, it’s 2016’s best performing tool and we recommended to any trader who is struggling to make any money with binary options.

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