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ICE 9 Technology Review

So after a long extended investigation we’ve decided to expose this ICE 9 Technology Scam for what it truly is, a bogus scheme! That’s right, all those positive reviews that you’ve seen online are all fake or simply paid to promote this software. Aaron Palmer, the owner and the guy who supposedly developed the so-called “holy grail” system says that this is a revolutionary software that has never been released before, he says that trading performance has never been higher and more profitable, every member who uses the auto trader are bound to make $1700 a day (according to him). In this ICE 9 Technology Review, Patrol will tell you why that is false and how you can make sure to avoid this garbage as efficient as possible.

So, are you surprised that such highly praised software could turn out to be a scam? Well yes, that’s the very sad and shady part of this industry, almost everyday a newly developed scam has been launched out there and each time that it’s produced, they make it more and more convincing. Nevertheless, ICE 9 Technology Scam implements common characteristics that most money-making schemes have, one simply has to look into a little bit deeper and you’ll find them. First of all, why should you believe anything that Aaron Palmer says about, although Mr.Palmer says that he’s  a very gifted tech developer with many years of experience, there is no real evidence that supports such claims, no certificate, no social media accounts, nothing! Just his words and quite frankly that’s not enough in the binary options industry.

The deception continues!

ICE 9 Technology
ICE 9 Technology Review

And this auto trader just keeps on surprising us, if there’s one thing sales tactic we hate the most is manipulation. The way these crooks just use these faul practices to laugh at our faces is surprising, it seems that nobody does their homework before investing their hard-earned money. Both Aaron Palmer and John Farraday from are using fake testimonials to lie and deceive visitors about their software’s trading performance. When a trader visits the ICE 9 Technology Scam, he or she would be met with a series of “extremely positive” trading results, most traders would likely fall into this gimmick and actually purchase such system due to its good reviews. But let us remind you again that it’s all fake! Aaron Palmer and John Farraday are using this technique since their scam system doesn’t work and receiving positive feedback would be impossible since the software doesn’t perform as close to 65% ITM.

But the question is why would the ICE 9 Technology Review by Aaron Palmer use such shameful practices? Isn’t this a multi billion dollar system that is making thousands of traders around the world 1,700 dollars a day? There would be no need for such drastic measures if it was true but since both of the owners and CEO know that in order to really convince visitors to join them, they would need fake results in order to achieve greater success. These are not the qualities of a trustworthy system and we’re confident that the only goals the scam wants to accomplish for you is an empty trading account. Isn’t it weird that this somehow works very similar to a previous successful software called the NEO2 App… It is trying to imitate the algorithms and the whole concept but it looks like they failed to do it correctly since the only people who have the true knowledge of such mechanism are the owners of Neo2.

John Farraday and  Aaron Palmer fail to deliver! did further investigation since the  ICE 9 Technology software is such a popular tool among traders. Patrol actually found recent reviews on the search engines that also correlate to our discoveries! If you were to search deep enough and take the time to actually find an honest review, you will find a non paid review telling you that it doesn’t work. This don’t surprises us since we know that the way functions is a poor generating method to bring in low quality signals, the reason why we think that is because John Farraday and  Aaron Palmer failed to address anything about how the software works, he just constantly repeats how amazing this auto trader is and why it’s different but saying “uses fast computers” is not enough, like… what kind of dumb answer is that? They try to go confuse use with these technical terms but in the end, he doesn’t really say mention anything about the ICE 9 Technology Scam.

Trading Performance and Results

All these criticism could be irrelevant if this trading software works, because we are here to make money and that’s what truly matters. But even providing a decent performance is impossible with the app, the average ITM win rate ranges from 56 to 63 percent which is unacceptable and will lead your capital to burn out sooner or later. Various trusted sources and blogs state the same trading results and performance, there is absolutely no way you are going to make 1,700  a day with these kind of results. This confirms that everything they’ve promised about this system is all lies!

Conclusion on the ICE 9 Technology Scam Review

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We do have to admit it because it would be ignorant for us to tell you guys that this system doesn’t look convincing, but it uses deceitful methods and marketing tactics that only a binary options scam would implement. There are plenty of other better alternatives that you can join, this is not a once in a lifetime opportunity, it does not offer anything unique and that’s why we must warn traders to stay as far as possible from, the only thing guaranteed with this app is failure!

But in case you are still searching for a legitimate tool that actually works and doesn’t use any scammy tactics to fool you, please check out the Neo2 App because it really is something unique and innovative in the binary options industry, is uses algorithms that’s never been implemented before in a software, the developers are constantly updating it for better performance and 24/7 support is always available! Check that out if you’re interested but in the mean time, trade safe and thank you for reading our ICE 9 Technology Review Scam!

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