Instant Wealth is a SCAM!!

Instant Wealth is a brand new trading software that is gaining a lot of our trader’s attention, today we are going to help you determine if this auto trader is worth you time. Frankly, we have been receiving a large sum of emails stating that the Instant Wealth bot is not performing anything close to what they stated. We believe that it’s a very deceptive money making scheme and you’ll know why when reading this review. Patrol would like to send a message to the scam artist that are trying to hack our post and reviews that we will fight for our traders and nothing can stop us from spreading the word of these frauds!!

Back to our review, Instant Wealth is a fully automated software that will take 60 seconds trades based on their specific trading system. Matthew Walker, the person behind Instant Wealth is constantly repeating that this auto trader has made him millions of dollars in just weeks. Besides the very unrealistic statement, no trader can generate that many  consistent profits with a 250 dollar account, it’s impossible. Binary Options is a new form of investment but it’s still trading and it requires deep knowledge about the financial markets, those who succeed at it are the ones who has practiced the art of trading for many years. We also believe that Instant Wealth bot is somehow related to a previous binary options scam that goes by the name of Fast Cash Biz, very similar dialog and cinematic tactics in which the trick you into believing that they owned such luxurious cars and houses.

Instant Wealth is a SCAM, this trading software is a fraud!!

Matthew Walker failed to mention that on, there are fake testimonials saying that it makes thousands of dollars, the important question is… Why would a software like Instant Wealth purchased fake reviews if it generates millions of dollars ? Surely someone would honestly recommend this trading software if they made millions with it but the things is, this auto trader simply doesn’t work!! That’s why this crook has to buy those deceptive reviews because no one will ever recommend this to a friend or family member since it’s a scam!!

Not only is showing signs of been a fraud but this Matthew Walker is nowhere to be found on social media, surely he must a LinkedIn account or a Facebook profile but the results where none. How can we expect to believe such drastic claims if there is no proof to back it up, you ca easily buy those screenshots and say that it’s your bank account. We’ve reviewed many binary options scams and this Instant Wealth software doesn’t have anything special or important to it. The website is poorly designed and any webmaster can build that pitch page in less than 10 minutes!! They also failed to mention how their trading system is supposed to generate all those winning signals because to generate all those profits, the trading algorithms must be a very precised one and compatible with all trading markets.

Instant Wealth is a SCAM! Matthew Walker is a scam artist!!

Is there any possibility that this auto trader might work? No!! The qualities that this trading software has is screaming SCAM in your face. These are the exact characteristics the common money making scheme have, Fake reviews, no mention on how their trading system works, no support or contact email in case there are technical errors, owner is not verifiable and no authority blog endorses this Instant Wealth auto trader!! We highly suggest that you go with other proven softwares that are back-tested and approved by traders. This is not a unique opportunity and if you invest with this scam, you will lose your entire investment!!

You can always visit our recommended signals list if you want to look for trusted and reliable signals services or you can always open a free demo account to practice your trading skills, just avoid this software at all cost!! Thank you for reading our Instant Wealth Scam Review!! Trade Safe and remember to comment on our reviews if you want to share anything related to binary options.

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