Irish Method is a filthy SCAM!!

Irish Method Review Scam

We’re back again with another critical warning you must be aware off! The Irish Method Software is another deceptive system looking to make a quick buck from you without making a single cent. Patrol has reasons to believe that Jason Flanagan, the owner and spokesperson of this auto trader is scamming many people with his misleading marketing, in which it might fool the average trader into thinking this system is profitable. Evidence was found on proving that they are indeed manipulating traders to join their money making scheme, so please go through our entire Irish Method Review to be sync with all the latest details on this fraud.

Official scam site:

So based on the review that Jason Flanagan presented on their site, you might be thinking that this is your golden ticket in trading binary options. If you thought so, then you’re dead wrong! This stupid system has nothing to offer you since there’s really nothing unique provided, because really, who on earth is this Jason Flanagan and why should traders trust his words? This sick individual is nowhere to be seen in the trading industry and this clown is already making promises he can’t keep. According to him, this Irish Method software is able to make more than 10,000 dollars in it’s first week of usage, not only is this impossible but also quite illogical, binary options might a simpler way of trading online but it still involves the complex markets which causes many traders to lose and win large sums of money.

The Irish Method 2
System Review Scam

But not only is this ‘successful trader’ completely unrecognizable but his promotions on this Irish Method scam is rather fake! did further analysis on this auto trader and later discovered that the screenshots demonstrated on the website are copied from various blogs! How do we know this? Because an image search on Billie’s profile picture was found in endless of search results which obviously lead to the conclusion that her name is fake and for all we know, she could be a complete stranger with no idea of what binary option is. Why would the Irish Method software do such a faul and deceitful practice of showing visitors results that are not real? If you’re an average Joe with basic common sense, you would know that they took such measures to provided unrealistic results to scam new clients, because if it did work like guaranteed, there would be no need for such actions.

This practice and sales tactic in which a service shows trading results that are not cohesive with the system’s performance is found in many binary options scams. One of the few indications of what this auto trader is really all about. Not to mention the absurd idea that Irish Method has in creating ITM signals, in order to make more than ten-thousand dollars in a couple of days. A reasonable amount of capital must first be built up in order to create such huge gains, a 250 dollar investment won’t cut it. That does not mean it’s impossible for that small capital to turn into a larger amount, but it would simply take a lot more than just a couple of weeks. Either that or this Irish Method system has a winning rate of over 95 percent which is very unlikely due to the reason that no existing auto trader has such performance in the long run. Performance

Remember where Jason Flanagan consistently repeated that the Irish Method Software is able to make you very rich and accomplish your life’s desires. Well, that’s all dogsh*t because according to various sources like comments on forums and direct emails in our inbox. Victims are reporting that it’s producing an average of 68 percent ITM, a performance that is completely embarrassing and very low in comparison with existing systems that make more than 80 percent winning rate. This means that everything that Jason Flanagan has ever said and described about the system is a majestic lie. This retard doesn’t know a single thing about trading successfully because if he did, he would not be making claims that don’t happen in the trading world.

Synopsis of this Irish Method Review

  • An incredibly low performing algorithm is implemented in this auto trader which has cause many traders to lose all their hard-earned money.
  • Customer service is really not there to help you since we received complaints that they don’t answer emails regarding to it’s poor trading results, don’t bother emailing
  • Jason Flanagan’s Review on this software is way off from the actual results, causing many people to believe that this service is the key to trade binary options when it’s actually the formula to an empty broker account.
  • It’s a trading scam, it does not function like would like you to believe.

Irish Method proves to be a manipulative Scam!

Software scam Review Scam

Everything built up to this moment has led to one obvious conclusion, this auto trader is GARBAGE!! Countless of bad marketing tactics are used in their branding, the very own CEO of this company seems to be rather afraid of his own creation since he didn’t bother to show his face at least once in the video. All we got was some photo that looked awfully familiar from That’s why our final verdict on this System review is that Irish Method is a FRAUD!

A fully functional app that doesn’t lie about it’s performance?: CoppyBuffett!!

Please stay away from this deceitful trading app, it will only give you nightmares and zero profits. If you are indeed searching for a system that you can trust and trade with, go ahead and have a look at the Copybuffett, it’s consistent and trader’s top recommended system of 2016 . Just avoid this and you’ll do fine, thank you for reading our Review.

Copy Buffett App Review

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