London System Scam Review! A DANGEROUS FRAUD!

London System Scam Review

We are back from our small break and to our expected surprise, another fraudulent money-making scheme has been launched. The London System Scam is yet new but very similar to previous frauds like the Sydney System and TSI System. It’s trading method and concept are very reminiscent to all those softwares but since traders are always looking for something fresh, why not change the name and call it the holy grail? Yes, this website is exactly like those previous scams and we’re confident that this will empty your pockets in a matter of days. So please read our London System Review to be aware of all the important details to make an accurate and safe decision when choosing a signals service.

Jack Flynn, the CEO of says that this trading software will generate more than 10,000 dollars in a couple of days. He says it’s bound to make you a millionaire no matter what kind of complex market it’s currently at. According to his review on this system, this auto trader has been carefully developed to consistently bring profitable signals through out the day. Please be reminded that all these assumptions are coming from Jack Flynn himself, no credible and establish website has stated such results. Why you should believe that the London System works? Because Jack Flynn promised? Well, the sad news about such promises is that they’re constantly said in every binary options scam out there, these people are willing to say and do anything for your money, so please don’t believe such lies.

The scam is manipulative!
London System Review Scam

Not to mention all the misleading information and tactics found on their welcome page, Did you know that the London System App uses fake results in order to achieve some sort of transparency. Jack Flynn is trying to fool visitors into thinking that this trading software works as they advertise. They would of course want to prove in some kind of way that this System is indeed going to make traders any profits. So what did was to search for a random picture of a guy online and copy it to his scam site insinuating that such individual made 1,000 dollars with the system. This William guy never made a single cent with this System because he’s just some random person whose profile picture was copied in order to deceive people that it’s “working”

Why would go to such measures if this is a guarantee system that makes traders millionaires? Because it does not work! simple as that. This sorts of actions are commonly used in many bogus systems to achieve a greater success of scamming people. But if there’s one thing sure about this software is that it will not perform anywhere close to what Jack Flynn promised. Such conclusion is obvious since the information given on their own pitch page offers nothing. No mentions of which Technology Company developed the software, no real background on who the owner and representative is! There’s really nothing you can rely on this London System Scam.

Jack Flynn is filthy liar!

We’ve come a long way from the begging of this London System Review and there’s nothing unique or valuable in this trading software. Everything that has provided is either a lie or fake, are  you willing to risk those hard-earned dollars you have with a binary options service that is willing to manipulative their trading results in order to get you to sign up with them? Of course not, a trusted and reliable trading app would not have to approach their marketing in such a faul way. Real testimonials and reviews are bound to show up if they perform like they guarantee. Especially in this industry since so many traders are looking for systems that actually work.

Yeah, maybe their marketing strategies and results might not be that accurate but at least they perform well, right? Absolutely not! did further analysis on this Scam Review and was surprised to see how many negative comments were made on this system. Traders were declaring trading results of 60 to 64 percent ITM which is way lower than their guaranteed results. Such outcomes are pretty obvious since their trading algorithm is not developed correctly, it takes many years of hard work to create at least a decent trading system but we’re pretty sure that this is no older than 2 months since that’s the date the domain was register.

Final Words on the London System Review Scam Review

To sum up what we think about this software is that you better off with another system since this offers nothing unique that will want any trader joining them. It’s very misleading and lacks lots of information that a professional software should integrate. Our final verdict on this review is that is a SCAM! 

If you are really interested in trading with a consistent and trustworthy system, you can try out the Copy Buffett Tool which right now is the most profitable software of 2016. No hidden gimmicks or manipulative results, just real and straight forward signals with great quality. In the mean time, trade safe and thank you for reading our London System Review.

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