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Make Money Robot Review Scam

Many have asked if the Make Money Robot is a legitimate trading system but we are here to tell you that this is just another bogus trading system that plans to leave your wallets empty. This will in no way make you the desire profits you are seeking, we have gone through extensive research to find out the true goals of this service and what you’re about to read might surprise a lot of you. Michael Williamson and Felipe Y Luis are not the people you think they are, highly recommends everyone to read our Make Money Robot review before investing in this scam software.

This is pretty much a generic looking service that promises a lot money without any solid proof, Mr. Michael Williamson from talks about how he has made millions of traders worldwide successful in profiting consistently from the complex markets, even though that sounds heart warming and all that there isn’t any real evidence that supports such claims. If it was true, why isn’t there hundreds of testimonials scatter through out the internet confirming such actions, the only type of feedback we see is on the Make Money Robot site itself and that’s not enough, why aren’t trusted channels or establish blogs mentioning such results? This is just a pretty clear indication that those achievements were all fairy tales and just told for the sake of earning your trust.

Why the Make Money Robot Software will probably fail at delivering substantial results

Software Scam Review
Make Money Robot Scam Review

Establishing that everything they promise or guaranteed is by their own words only, we always try to give services a chance to show their true potential before blacklisting them. But in the case of Make Money Robot, it’s pretty clear that they have nothing more to offer than fake trading results and paid testimonials. If you stayed through out the whole sales video, you would clearly notice that presents you many short reviews done by members thanking them for giving them “financial freedom”, we do not hate on these individuals for been free to do any hard efforts but rather tired of watching the same type of videos in which they lie straight to camera saying nothing but crap for the sake of fooling victims. How can we possible know this is all an act and are all lame declarations? Because these deceitful crooks are all actors that were paid to say such nice things about Make Money Robot, in fact you can verified for yourself that this is a deceiving little douche-bag if you check their online profile for yourself.

But that’s not all, this is just the tip of the iceberg and if you want more proof that this is nothing but a bogus trading scam. Check this out, so if you keep scrolling down the welcome page, you will also be introduced to a series of Facebook mentions in which beta-testers happily say positive features about this scam software, these reviews are also inauthentic since they are self-made by the marketing team of this service, if you search for such individuals on the internet, you will find yourself to encounter hundreds of different search results showing the same exact profile image. What does this mean? that Michael Williamson and Felipe Y Luis copied photos from Google to used them for their own testimonials and be Copy Right free in case the person that owns the photo tries to somewhat sue them. Everything they show us is either fake or lies, these qualities that they integrate in their branding is a clear sign of them been a scam and nothing more than it. simple formula to failure

It’s pretty clear what their goals are but another simple clue that tells us that this is just garbage is the software itself, it appears that the voice over actors spends 98 percent of the time talking about how much money can change your life and how you are soon going to be making thousands of dollars but no insight of how the auto trader works was explained. Most trusted & transparent trading services usually explain how their app works and they way it generates signals, some of them focus on technical analysis and some use Fundamental analysis more, the modern ones are now combining both but we have no clue on how Make Money Robot produces such signals, which shows that they don’t give 2 nickles on how they’re auto trader is developed and its overall performance.

Big Highlights of this Scam Review

  • Production value is pretty low for a software that made nearly 342,000 members millionaires.
  • Security Badges are seen on their home page, they are not clickable. Just images which anyone can copy and use so it’s pretty obvious that CNN did not endorse such lame system.
  • The owners themselves are not trusted, no established site or mentor in the industry is aware of such traders. They have no track record or credentials which simply alerts us that this characters are fictional.
  • Reports on show that they average win percentage is 63%, this type of performance will lead you nowhere and will most likely end your trading account.
  • This is simply not trusted, no more words can be said about it

Verdict on our Make Money Robot Review

scam review
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Patrol wanted to endorse this trading system but the only vibe we’re getting from such service is pure scam, results are significantly low, shady brokers are linked to them, fake results and ETC. This all compiles to one clear and simple formula, a big fat ZERO in your broker account. We cannot promote this fraudulent app for that reason, recommends trader to AVOID THE MAKE MONEY ROBOT SOFTWARE!

Now, if you are looking for something that truly delivers and doesn’t have to lie about it, you might want to start looking for alternatives like Neo2. This has proved to work over long period of times and the developers has ensured consistent performance by implementing the most modern algorithms in the market. People trust the company since it actually integrates real traders who have been praised for their unique talents and experiences, not only that but they also offer great customer support 24/7 which makes them even better. Feel free to visit them and thank you for reading our Make Money Robot review and take care!

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