Marvins Secrets Scam Review!! DECEPTIVE FRAUD!!

The Marvins Secrets trading software is a newly launch auto-trader in the binary options industry, we came across this software when we received an email saying that it was generating substantial profits. Patrol always recommend that before you invest your money with any service like Marvins Secrets, always looks for feedback and reviews to make sure you’re not signing up with a fraud or a low performance signal provider. There are too many scams out there which will do anything and use any method to get your hard-earned money!! This is not an option if you plan to stay in a profitable path in binary options. So let’s continue with this Marvins Secrets Review and find out if their worth it.

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Tom Cruz, the person behind this auto-trader and wait…. this isn’t the same guy as the Actor Tom Cruz (Sarcastic Joke) but we do know one thing about this deceptive person. He uses a fake photo from google and not his own profile picture, why would he hide his face from such a profitable auto trader, unless you have something to hide there is really no need to be using fake photos and claiming that it’s you. We find this technique very common in most binary options scams, they use other people’s photos to hide their own identity, just like Tom Cruz did right here.Marvins Secret and Tom Cruz uses fake pictures from the search engines!!

On the website, if they are using other pictures from the search engines, you can imagine what other deceptive tactics they might implemented in their pitch page, all of those reviews could of easily been copied from another website. This Marvins Secrets scam shouldn’t have the need to use such practices if they are legit but since they’re probably not, they feel obligated to do it in order to scam people and deceive them into using their dodgy looking trading software. These are not the qualities you should be looking for in a transparent signals service, many of our recommended trading systems use legit algorithms that bring in real profits, not like this Marvins Secrets Scam.

Let’s talk a little bit about their presentation video, this Tom Cruz guys only rambles on and on for about 11 minutes saying that he’ll explain and demonstrate how Marvins Secrets software work but instead he gives a very long sales video trying to convince you that this is a revolutionary trading software that will offer you the life you always desire. Well, this system is not in anyway going to make you any profits at all since it’s a scam. This is not in anyway different from the previous SCAMS we have reviewed, it’s the same process with all these frauds. Fake profile pics, No real and searchable information regarding it’s owner or developer, no demonstration on how it really functions and last but not least, same pitch video trying to convince you that this is a once in a life time opportunity. is their contact support but they are apparently not answering to any of our emails!

Marvins Secret is indeed a fraud, don't listen to their lies!!

Let’s talk about The Equalizer, Tom Cruz states that it makes from 60-65 percent in the money trades… are you kidding?! That’s peanuts compared to other proven software like Trade Forecast, that percentage is not enough to provide any kind of difference in our trading accounts. Unless you want break even, Marvins Secrets software and The Equalizer will not make a difference in your binary options account. We’ve seen many comments on forums saying that it does not make anything close to what Tom Cruz stated in the Marvins Secrets video. This scam stinks of failure and Patrol has not found a single detail or feature that will make this worth your time!!Marvins Secret and the Equalizer are both SCAMS!!

To sum up the Marvins Secrets Review, we will like to conclude that Tom Cruz and Marvins Secrets are SCAMS that should avoid at all cost. Due to all of the deceptive practices and the unconvincing explanation on how their trading system work, we just found it to risky for you to invest your money since it only shows signs of been a dangerous scam.

It’s not worth it when you have proven softwares like Virtnext or Mike’s Auto Trader which can be found on our trusted signals page. Please avoid the Marvins Secrets Scam if you plan to keep your money from been stolen, this is a Fraud and there is no doubt about it, you can always practice on a free demo account and start enhancing your trading skills, thank you for reading our Scam Review, Good Luck!!

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