Medallionaire App Review! Is it a SCAM??

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Today we are reviewing the Medallionaire App software, this a recently launched trading software that has caught many of our trader’s attention. Today we will give our opinions on this system and decide if it’s a legitimate trading software or another money making scheme. We’ve blacklisted almost every single trading software out there due to the deceptive tactics that they use to gain more sales, of course, they also don’t work as they advertise. But this Medallionaire App Review is going to be a positive one!! That’s right, we are very pleased to say that the Medallionaire App Software is not a SCAM!! Here is why!

On the website, a surprisingly well constructed website was visible at the moment we clicked on their website. This indicates and shows that James Simons, the person that represents Medallionaire App Software is actually interested in trader’s experience. Most binary options scams have the most hideous looking pitch pages for just stealing your money. Of course, we are not going to determine our Medallionaire App Review based on it’s looks but it adds points to their credibility. In regards James Simons, he is a mathematician and fund manager of Renaissance Technologies, this individual is a fully verifiable person we did a background test, he has no shady involvements of any kind from what we pulled from our searches so that’s a great keypoint here.

Does the Medallionaire App Work??

Medallionaire App has verified traders!!

Yes, this trading software actually functions as James Simons advertise, this is not composed by magical algorithms or secret formulas like most binary options scams would like you to believe. They specifically mention on the website that “they use existing infrastructure with quantitative algorithms their team developed altogether with extremely fast computers to buy and sell assets focused chiefly on commodities and futures trading in the financial markets” Which is actually a legitimate method to trade because it’s a strategy that current profitable signals use in their algorithms.

James Simons also said and repeated very clearly that Medallionaire App System is not going to make you rich, but what it can provide are substantial profits that you’ll very much enjoy. We’ve gathered from varios forums that 89% is the average in the money rate for most traders which is absolutely outstanding, don’t believe those binary options scams that promise you 96 or 100 percent ITM because it is not possible!! This is real trading which requires focus and dedication to profit from these very difficult markets. James Simons is providing a legitimate way to trade it and that’s why we most give him credits for that!!

Can you trust James Simons and his automated trading system?

Medallionaire App is legit!!

We have no reasons to believe that this man is going to scam you or manipulate anyone to use his trading system, Patrol has already done a background check and found no dodgy activities in his track record and Renaissance Technologies also has no red flags. In most money making schemes, when we do this types of investigations, we usually find that the owner has done previous scam involvements or is simply not found anywhere. Both James Simons and Renaissance Technologies are not participating in such practices.

Medallionaire App Software results

Our visitors feedback is exceptionally good which indicates traders are happy and profiting using this trading system, the lowest we ever saw this trading system generate was 78 which is still a really good performance. On the website, there is support at which you can send questions if you ever run into some technical issues. Most support teams don’t respond or engage well with traders but is not like that and they’ll respond to your request in less than 1 working day.

Most Medallionaire App Reviews are positive, so the question to “Is Medallionaire App a SCAM?” is no!! Even the most authority and trusted blogs out there are claiming that their trading communities are also doing very well. Everything that James Simons has implemented in this auto-trader seems to be working and we are happy to say that this trading software is profitable!!

How to successfully use the Medallion App Software

  1. Clear your Cookies
  2. Visit their website by clicking
  3. Fill out the registration form
  4. Log in and Start Trading
  5. Withdrawal once you reached a desire profit amount


Conclusion on the Medallion App Review

Medallionaire App is not a SCAM!!

We have no reasons to believe that this trading software is a scam therefore we conclude our review and would like to state that the Medallionaire App Software is not a SCAM!! This has no manipulative qualities like most internet frauds have implemented.  Results are amazing and we can’t express our gratitude to James Simons for creating such a legitimate auto-trader. In case that you don’t want to sign up with this system, you can visit our Binary Options Signals list for more information.

Remember to trade safely and keep your money with regulated brokers, we personally trade with StockPair and they are the top pick for most of our visitors. Great trading platform and 24/7 customer support!! Thank you for reading our scam review and good luck!!


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