Mega Profix Scam Review!! IT STOLE MY MONEY!!

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Lots of money making schemes are been promoted on Christmas, The Mega Profix scam is another one of them that only has the intentions of stealing your money! A surprisingly amount of reviews are already out there claiming that this is a once in a life time opportunity, we believe that such reviews are collaborating with this binary options scam. A quick analysis was applied to the website and what we found were a large sum of deceptive tactics that might be the reason why most traders fail to succeed with the Mega Profix software.

The website is viewed like a professional trading software but this auto trader is not what you think it is. First of all, the owner of the Mega Profrix Scam didn’t bother to show his face and represent it like a professional CEO would, most of these gurus don’t show their face because they know that they are deceiving people and want to avoid any conflicts in person if they ever run into any of their victims. Besides the voice over that could of been produced by anyone, this person makes a complete movie out of the pitch video trying to convince you that he’s a “nice” person.

Why is Mega Profix a SCAM!?

Mega Profix makes unrealistic claims on their results!!

On the website, the developer made no mention of how this trading software is supposed to generate all those winning signals, not even a single clue about the algorithms was acknowledge. Why should you believe the words of some stranger that you don’t even know, because of his sad story?? He could of made it up and trust us, we’ve seen how money making schemes use every possible and inhuman way to scam people, this industry is filled with deceptive individuals who are willing to say and do anything to get your hard earned money.

Besides the fact that the spokesman did no mention of it’s system, the guy only talked about Mega Profix results and how it generate you over 3 million dollars in 1 day. Can you possible believe that or are you blinded by your needs or greediness, It can’t be done!! No trader in binary options has made that amount of money, you can certainly make from 900 to 1000 dollars a day, if you’re really good at it but 3 million is just not possible!! Use your common sense, if this was true, everybody would be trading options but quite frankly, it’s not like that!!

Mega Profix Results are not Real!!

Mega Profix uses fake testimonials

And to finish the frosting on the cake, we saw that they’re allies with the Spectre Scam, Probably one of the biggest frauds out there and the actor of it plays the roll of a “broke person” in the Mega Profix Review. But if you were to visit the Spectre Website, he’s supposedly a millionaire that is tired of having “too much money”. You see how this scams are teaming up together?? That’s why you must be careful with these frauds because they are all fake and worthless, the Mega Profix software has no intentions of making you any kind of profits!!

We also saw that they had endorsement badges from CNN and a couple of authority websites implying that they’re well know and establish but if you look closely, they are not clickable which means that they could of just copied those badges from another software and pasted it to their pitch page. A quick search was done in BBC and they have no track record of ever sharing the Mega Profix scam on their blog. The crook responsible for this trash, whoever it is thought that real Mega Profix review weren’t going to expose them but they were dead wrong, look at all the deceptive strategies they’ve implemented, can you not see that everything they’ve accomplished is to manipulate and deceive you into giving your money to them.

Conclusion on the Mega Profix Review

Mega Profix is a SCAM!!

This fraudulent trading software has showed too many shady qualities that most binary options scam apply, we’ve seen this types of schemes and we are sure that the Mega Profix is a SCAM!! Their intentions are to leave your wallets empty and not to fill them with millions of dollars like they promised. This is a scam and there is no doubt about it!! If you are really intrigue in trading with profitable signal services, you can check our Signals Page for more information!!

Don’t risk your hard earned profits with a scam when there are better systems out there that have been approved and tested by many traders. Remember that you can always practice on your trading skills, open a free demo account and get better!! Thank you for reading our Scam Review and Good Luck!!

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