Midas Touch App Review Scam! 24,000 Dollars a WEEK?

Midas Touch App Review
Midas-touch.co Review Scam

Midas Touch App is a SCAM!! Recent feedback and evidence has shown that Mark Williams and his Midas-touch.co scam site is deceiving traders to use their software for their own benefits. Patrol has went through their software thoroughly and encounter many flaws which explains why this trading system is performing so poorly. In this Midas Touch App Review, we will be exposing this scam with the various deceitful tactics that his team of crooks used to attract traders, please read this and share to raise awareness!

The Midas Touch App Scam does not even look remotely professional, you would expect from the Midas-touch.co site to have a more compelling and use friendly website, since this trading software is generating 5,000 dollars a day, we’re pretty sure they can afford it but since their main goal is to steal your money, they do not care about trader’s experience. Of course, we are not going to judge our review based on appearance but small details like this is what defines a profitable auto trader to a lousy trading system. The second concerning factor about this  Midas-touch.co Scam is it’s results and performance. According to Mark Williams, this software has an average of 96.8 percent ITM accuracy, not only is that absurd but verifying this with any experienced binary options trader will gladly clarify that such results are not possible in the long-term aspect.

Midas-touch.co Review

Midas Touch App
Midas Touch App Review

Like we were saying, the most advance and profitable systems out there are only managing to generate 80 to 88 percent ITM rate but 92 and above is just not possible. This trading game might be online but it still involves the sophisticated and complex markets every trader and system battles against. So to quickly review their results and performance, it’s not real!! Another concerning characteristic that the Midas-touch.co scam implements in their marketing is fake testimonials and deceitful widgets. You heard correctly, the people behind the Midas Touch App Scam are using paid actors to lie on camera and state results that never happened! If you play the introduction video on the Midas-touch.co scam site, a nice groomed men with a nice suit is displayed stating that such individual is doing wonders with their trading software.

The review made by the gentlemen can be purchased on an online marketplace called Fiverr.com, this specific actor sells his testimonials as low as 5 dollars!! His name is Dezza123 and this scam artist has been involved in various money making schemes like this Midas-touch.co Scam, therefore everything he says is false and a lie!! That only also gives a good indication that Mark Williams also purchases the other fake review in the rest of their sales video. Not to mention that the widget countdown is also a pressure tactic to get you to sign up with them even faster, if you let it reach to zero, nothing will happen, simply refresh the page and you’ll still see the Midas-touch.co scam they way you did before.

Mark Williams and his App Software

Fun fact! Mark Williams and his Trading App is not positively recognized but rather blacklisted in many authority blogs for it’s dreadful performance and results. If Mark Williams is such a wealthy and generous man, wouldn’t he be acknowledged for it? Well, since he’s a made up character that Midas-touch.co created to hide their true identities, no real story or credentials can be proofed that he is really a binary options trader or software developer. Patrol did a background check on the name Mark Williams and found no connections to such name to the trading industry, no social media presence was ever located so it’s pretty obvious that this guy is not real!

This trading software review could have being positive but too many bad qualities are presented with this app, we always try to make our reviews fair and friendly but if a service or auto trader is showing signs of being manipulative, deceitful and other unwanted qualities, the only options for us is to blacklist the review!

Midas-touch.co Results and Performance Review

Traders and visitors have sent us emails stating that the results and performance of the Midas-touch.co App range from 62 to 65 percent which will not to provide any significant results. Your trading account will probably either grow in a natural state or burn out, these trading results are due to the Apps low performing algorithm, the owner did not properly address how the Midas-touch.co app works, so we think he’s hiding the full details since no proper trading system is really implemented in this trading software. We tried contacting their customer support at support@midas-touch.co but received no answer from them, clarifying that they simply do not care about trader’s queries and concerns!

Quick features of the Midas Touch App Review

  • No real proper review addressed by the owner which he is hiding half of the real truth of the App’s performance.
  • Trading results are extremely low in quality signals.
  • Customer service is manipulative and does not answer to any important questions like the trading software’s performance. support@midas-touch.co is a Scam email!!
  • Fake review and testimonials are purchased on their presentation video to insinuate that they’re performing well with the trading software when it’s all acted to fool traders!
  • Midas Touch App is SCAM!! It simply does not work!
  • Welcome page of the Midas-touch.co Scam site uses deceptive widgets

Final Say on the Midas Touch App Review

Midas Touch App Review Scam
Midas-touch.co Review

This trading software is a fraudulent tool you must avoid!  Midas-touch.co is filled with dodgy tactics and strategies that only money-making schemes use now a days. Our final conclusion on the Midas-touch.co Review is that they are a SCAM!! Please avoid anything Mark Williams promotes via support@midas-touch.co because he will leave your wallets empty!!

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