Mike’s Auto Trader Review! 2016 Performance Update!!

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This is an update review on Mike’s Auto Trader. Since 2016 just started, we wanted to let our visitors know if it’s still performing well, this trading system in 2016 is doing very well to this day, traders are profiting quite nicely since it’s launched, we have no reasons to believe that this trading software is a scam. In fact, we receive various thank you letters to our inbox for mentioning them a profitable system that actually works. So many legitimate signals services and people still can’t find the right way to trade online! In Mike’s Auto Trader Review 2016, we will be going over the many different features that this auto-trader integrates and how it will work for the common beginner in options trading.

On the mikesautotrader.com website, a video presentation is seen where Michael Freeman, the owner and developer of the mikesautotrader.com website, is giving a sincere introduction video where he tells you why he’s different from those other money making schemes, the fact that he states characteristics that are believable and evidence proofed is enough to set the record straight. What you’ll get with most binary options scams is endless whatnot about making thousands of dollars or hearing the typical “You’ve been selected to use the secret formula” and countless of other unrealistic outcomes that only frauds will offer. But since Michael Freeman is honest and a genuine guy, he knows that it will not make you a billionaire but instead says that it’s profitable and a good tool to trade the every day Markets.

Mike’s Auto Trader Review 2016

Mike’s Auto Trader is a good system!

Let’s talk more about the owner of this trading software, for those who might not know who Michael Freeman is. Well this individual is one of the most recognizable and helpful trader in the Binary Options Industry. He has been assisting and guiding rookies to a safer path in online trading, creates informative videos where he shows tips and recommendations on safe brokers and is a skillful trader. Michael Freeman also owns the biggest Channel in this industry with an average of 20,000 subscribers!! History and Credentials has lead to Michael Freeman to be a very popular mentor that is now a fully verified trader you can trust. That is why we strongly believe in Mikesautotrader.com and it’s abilities to perform well in the ever changing markets.

We have have absolute no reasons to believe that mikesautotrader.com is a scam, the feedback and replies that we have received on Mike’s Auto Trader Review is surprisingly positive which only indicates that it’s really working to trader’s standards. It’s 2016 and this auto-trader is consistent with it’s trading results, many trading softwares tend to do very well for a short period of time but after that, they become completely useless and out-dated! But not with Mikesautotrader.com, it’s algorithm that was very carefully designed manages to stay updated with all the new trading patterns that the market developes so it’s a great characteristic that this trading software has.

Is Mike’s Auto Trader a Scam?

Mike’s Auto Trader Functions

Mike’s Auto Trader is not a Scam! Patrol has searched for any negative comments regarding this auto-trader but none was ever found, the only semi issue relating to mikesautotrader.com was that someone couldn’t access the page but that was quickly responded by tradingbinaryonline@gmail.com and it was due to the individual’s internet connection. Scams tend to have the courtesy to claims results like 13,000 dollars a week and millionaire’s mansions but Michael Freeman does not guaranteed you that, mikesautotrader.com shows no signs of shady or manipulative tactics that those scam artists like to use in they’re Scam trading softwares. Everything that Michael Freeman has said is believable and accurate. No stupid lies like other scammy services so that’s thy we strongly believe that Mike’s Auto Trader is not a Scam in 2016!

How does Mike’s Auto Trader work?

This trading software was developed based on Michael’s personal trading strategies that has proved to be very successful in any kind of market, ether volatile or non-volatile conditions are very well handled with this trading software. The unique characteristic that this trading system has is that it’s been back-tested and modify by an actual trader that knows what he’s doing!! Many unexpirienced and money-thirsty developers will do a poorly job to finish the algorithm because it takes many years of experience to construct a profitable trading system. But since we know that Michael Freeman is a very talented and persistent human being, the trading software functions are bound to be well made and designed due to Michael’s Strategies. They all could range from MACD Indicator, Price Action or Bollinger Bands! They’re all mushed together to make the best result!

Mike’s Auto Trader Results in 2016

Mike’s Auto Trader Results

Patrol messaged Michael to tradingbinaryonline@gmail.com asking for current results and Mike confirmed that it was generating 80% and above win rate. We of course have to verify this with our visitors and real evidence but Mike’s Auto Trader Results are above 86 percent which is a higher ITM rate that mikesautotrader.com claimed. Even 76 is more than average so 80 and above can really generate you some decent profits! If you want more than that, Patrol even arranged a deal that if you decide to join this Trading System through this page, we will give you free access to Michael’s Private Facebook group that has over 4,000 traders!! But yes, Mike’s Auto Trader Results are more than profitable at their win rate!

How to Correctly Register to mikesautotrader.com software

  1. Clear your Cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) to avoid any technical issues when creating your account.
  2. Go to mikesautotrader.com website and fill in your information correctly
  3. Log in your Platform and begin taking signals
  4. Enjoy your profits!

Summary of Mike’s Auto Trader Review 2016

    • Legitimate Developer that is a verified trader
    • Full working trading algorithm with exceptional well-made pattern recognition
    • Great user platform in which all traders can use it in any device
    • 80% and above win rate
    • No shady or manipulative characteristics
    • Great Customer Support at tradingbinaryonline@gmail.com
    • Excellent with Volatile Markets!!

Conclusion on Mike’s Auto Trader Review

Mike’s Auto Trader is not a SCAM!

We have revised over many great features on this review and it’s pretty clear that this is your safest option when it comes to trading safely, you’ve got fantastic support and a functional trading software that delivers more than enough to profit in binary options. Our Final conclusion on this review is that Mike’s Auto Trader is not a Scam!! Everything that Michael Freeman has presented and address is reasonable and achievable, this is a guy that’s been practically from the birth of this binary options. Remember that if you sign up with this trading software, we will also give you FREE ACCESS to Michael’s Facebook Signals Group 

Don’ trade with binary options scams that offer nothing but an empty wallet, do not be gullible or greedy!! It will drive your account balance to a flat zero!! You also have to trade with a safe and regulated brokers so don’t forget to visit our Trusted Brokers Page for more Information!

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    1. I’m now $532 in profit from yesterday, love this system and how easy it is to use, thought it was difficult but it’s not!

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