The Millionaire Bot Scam Review! Honest Opinion!!

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3 days left until a new year begins, 2016 is looking bright for us but apparently scams are not done yet. The Millionaire Bot Software is a previously launched auto trader that is now been released for the second time, the older version was a huge money making scheme so maybe they decided to change their ways?? Absolutely not!! This Millionaire Bot Scam is sugarcoated with lies in order to fool you into depositing with their fraudulent broker. James Robinson, the culprit behind this pyramid scheme is manipulating traders into thinking that this is a once in a life time opportunity, he promises 93,975 dollars a week with no efforts at all, this is by far the most ridiculous lie we have ever heard in this industry but wait, there’s more!!

On the website, we see the typical “join now before the countdown gets to 0!!” widget, this is a common technique that most binary options scam uses in order to attract leads a lot more faster but trust us, if you go on vacation for a whole week or even a month, that offer will still be up there. The Millionaire Bot Scam is very poorly constructed, if you take a look at most professional and transparent signals services, their welcome page and video production are high quality, which means a large sum of money was invested in order to achieved such user friendly feel. The Millionaire Bot Scam did not do such thing because its main goal is to scam you and not make any profits to your account balance!!

The Millionaire Bot Software purchases their Testimonials!

The Millionaire Bot purchases their testimonails

James Robinson, the deceptive individual showcased a series of testimonials on his presentation video implying that his beta testers made thousands of dollars but apparently, that’s also a lie!! Those two innocent looking couple are from Fiverr, they are called Dean & Tracee, they sell testimonials for as low as 5 dollars, that’s right!! You can pay people to lie for you like that, the rest of the The Millionaire Bot Reviews are also fake. Why would James Robinson have the need to buy fake reviews if his trading software is so profitable?? It’s because it doesn’t generate a single penny!! We have seen this manipulative trick a thousand times in the past, Patrol has reviewed over 5oo software and they all use the same deceptive tactic!!

This James Robinson also made no mention on how this trading software generates all those winning signals, he only bragged about it but showed no real proof!! The bank screenshots can be easily edited with an image editor so that’s not real proof! A successful auto-trader usually tends to have real and technical algorithms that are based on real studies like chart patterns or fundamental analysis. This crook made no mentions to any of that, which lead us to believe that he’s simple avoiding the subject because he does not know about it and is rather here for the money!!

The Millionaire Bot Scam uses Fake results!!

The Millionaire Bot uses fake Results!

The Millionaire Bot Results are also fake!! Apparently, winning 27 signals in a row is possible in binary options trading, maybe a complete beginner would fall for such results but any experienced trader can verify that this is not possible!! Gaining a performance of 87% is very difficult for even the most talented traders our there, the markets are no piece of cake, it requires deep analysis and many other factors that in fluents the outcomes of your trades, this binary options scam is a complete insult to people who worked their heads off to at least obtain 76% in binary options.

Many money making schemes are replicas of each other and The Millionaire Bot Scam is the same fraud as others, they do not have any noticeable features that might interest us in recommending them, this scam is just too manipulative and shady looking. The contact email is not even responding, we asked them if they had any real proof of their results or a short video demonstration on how The Millionaire Bot Software generates ITMs, looks like it’s too much to ask since we sent that question 4 days ago.

Conclusion on The Millionaire Bot Review

The Millionaire Bot is a SCAM!

This money making schemes has showed every dirty practice we can think of, we have to our conclusion that The Millionaire Bot is a SCAM!! Please avoid anything that James Robinson promotes, he is a lier and a thief!! If you are really interested in trading with profitable signals services, you can check out Mike’s Auto Trader or our Binary Options Signals List, this are services that have been recommended by many trading communities and has stayed profitable for many years. Remember that you can always open a Free Demo Account and practice on your trading skills, it’s always good to have knowledge in what you’re doing, so be careful and Good Luck!!

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