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Millionaires Code Scam Review

You are wondering if the Millionaires Code by Matt Daniel is legitimate or another elaborate scam to leave your hands empty. Patrol has done a very short and very straight forward investigation on this software, we’ve come to the conclusion that this is not something you want to be depending your hard-earned money with. In this Millionaires Code review, we are going to tell you exactly why this is a binary options scam, many of those spammy blogs have endorsed this garbage as a fully working auto trader but Patrol is here to tell you that it’s all lies.

Did you know that an average of 23 scams are launched every single day in the binary options market? Well, they all have the same theory, structure and techniques, notice how Matt Daniel showed a series of clips with Luxurious cars and mansions but not once is him seen in the actual footage? They are probably shutterstock videos since he doesn’t any of those expensive items. Here’s the concerning fact about the Millionaires Code, it’s promising rookie traders millions of dollars without any hard efforts at all, he’s pretty much saying that anyone who uses the software will be guaranteed rich within a month, Patrol finds that very hard to believe since the evidence we found contradicts everything this deceptive individual has said.

#1 Reason why you should avoid the Millionaires Code system!

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So when we looked deeper into this service, we discovered that the very own face and CEO of this so-called system is an actor! That’s right, everything he said about the software was scripted, therefore he has no real knowledge about binary options trading and has no clue on how to develop a profitable trading software. If you look at his profile page on, you’ll see a list of gigs he sells for as low as 5 dollars! This proofs that everything that came out of his mouth are pure lies, the real owners are probably hiding behind a desk counting all of their victim’s money. But that’s little to what this scam is offering, if you have common sense you’ll realize that for a million dollar software, the whole production seems very cheap. The homepage of Millionaires Code is very blend and offers little to no information on the system itself, a few security badges are shown that makes no prove of the app’s  performance. It’s pretty much showing no legit information at all.

But let’s talk more about the system itself, the Millionaires Code seems to be quite interesting because it can apparently make 2 million dollars a month. Funny thing is that Matt Daniel was too busy saying his sales techniques to make you drool over his “holy grail” system when he completely failed to mention the mechanism of how the auto trader was going to pull off such amazing results, many legit & consistent systems out there use real and proven methods to generate high quality signals but this app seems that it doesn’t use any. No technical or fundamental analysis is applied, one of the most well-known methods of analyzing the markets but hey… since Matt Daniel doesn’t use it, it’s bound to make it profitable right? No!! When talking about the system’s performance, it is absolutely dreadful!

ITM Results of the app did extensive research on the real results of the Millionaires Code performance and was surprised to see the results by real users. We of course can’t trust the testimonials shown on the sales page of the service since they are most likely purchased due to the fact the own face of the software is a fiverr actor. Traders and victims complained that it was actually wiping their trading account instead of increasing it. This could be expected from the very low developed algorithms this Millionaires Code has integrated, these are not the results they promised and we’re pretty sure that this is no mistake, the only thing that you have assured with this auto trader is a secured path to failure!

Synopsis Idea of this Scam

  • Low production value which leads the system to generate consistent losing trades.
  • The spokesman of this scam is an actor, you can check out his Seller’s page for yourself on
  • Makes no acknowledgment of the algorithms that powers this auto trader, he repeats things like “Imagine how your life would change” “The life you deserve” and those kind of phrases to get you hooked on his bogus scam.
  • Support is not provided, many beginners complained that none of their queries related to the system’s performance was ever answered.

Final Conclusion on the Millionaires Code Scam

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So, what our honest thoughts on this lame garbage? Well, after various attempts on looking for something worth mentioning our review, we are confident that if you invest your hard-earned dollars with this app, you will lose every single cent! Please don’t fall for this because the last thing any trader would want is an empty account, that’s why we urge traders to stay as far as possible from this system because you will get scammed if you invest in it.

If case you are looking for a legitimate and trustworthy system that actually works and doesn’t lie about its results. Please take a look Binadroid, this app uses the most up to date algorithms in the market and has a consistent performance of 88 percent ITM. They offer excellent customer support and is our #1 recommended service. Zero actors and an exceptionally positive reputation among the trading community, feel free to check it out and thank you for reading our Millionaires Code review!



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  1. there are many more binary and other trading companies that are nothing but a scam please look at all of them and I think you are doing a great job bringing these scams to light.

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