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Mirror Trader Review Analysis

If you think you were done encountering filthy and convincing scams in the trading industry, you were wrong. Mirror Trader by John Harrison is anther automated software that supposedly is going to make you a 1 million dollar income, even though that seems very unlikely in binary options, traders still seem to fall for it. In this Mirror Trader Review, Patrol is going to demonstrate and explain why the Mirror-Trader.co is a bad tool to trade with, you might think this will generate the desire profits you want but this will in fact do the complete opposite.

Please be assured that the 14,000 dollar guaranteed advertisement is simple a lie to keep you watching their lame sales video, as any experience would know by now, generating 5 figures incomes daily is simply not possible in binary options. Every trader in their career makes some losing trades here and there, nothing a person can do about it because that’s simple how the markets work. If everyone made millions of dollars trading like John Harrison claimed, everybody in the entire planet would be trading binary options but it’s not like that is it! It amazes us that such “legitimate” service would say such lie, but then again… he could just be another scam artist trying to leave your pockets empty.

Mirror-Trader.co Scam and its dirty secrets

binary options scam review
Mirror Trader Scam Review

First clue that gave us the big heads up that this was another common money making scheme was that the spokesman/CEO of the Mirror Trader software has been seen before, this gentlemen here was also the “owner” of Push Money App, this is a previous scam we’ve exposed on our blog a long time ago and the so called John Harrison went by a different name in that trading service. So, who really is the John guy? This fellow here is simply an actor who shady organizations contact to play a character in their bogus trading systems. Mr.Harrison doesn’t have any knowledge about the markets nor can he guaranteed your 14,ooo dollars because he is simply an actor that gets paid to lie on camera! This can pretty much seal what this trading software stands for, not a way to help you reach financial freedom but rather a secured path to an empty bank account.

But nevertheless, if you are still in doubt with our accusations, there is more proof to be found. In their Mirror Trader scam site, there is a small section where a series of testimonials are shown to the visitor so he or she thinks that the Mirror-Trader.co is trustworthy and good in performance. Quite frankly, that testimonial is fake! Jane Martin from Canada has never made a single cent with this software, she never earned 125,000 dollars because she has never traded binary options. How do we know that? Because if you do a simple google search on her profile picture, you will see that there are large amounts of profile picture showing the exact same photo. This means that our friend Jane could be anybody since it’s used for commercial purposes, makeup channels and fake twitter accounts use the same image, therefore every single testimonial is invalid and a sales technique to fool you!

Mirror Trader Performance is completely laughable

So, maybe their marketing strategies are not the most transparent and so what if the owner is a filthy, lying, double-faced actor? Their trading performance might be alright you know! Well, we hate to wake you up from your dream but performance has never been any lower with this trading system. We have gone to great lengths to find real feedback and experiences with the Mirror-Trader.co app and found nothing but disappointment. Comments like “zero in my account balance” and “lost 9/12 signals” were consistently seen through our research. Even the emails we got from victims confirmed the same type of trading results. This no mistake and Patrol is pretty sure that John Harrison knows that this software is failing to deliver average results. Well, it’s actually pretty obvious since he was claiming a million dollar income in one month, the guys knows nothing about real trading and the sacrifices one has to do in order to achieve such results.

Mirror Trader Software Highlights

  • The very own face of this company is an actor, he has been seen in previous online trading frauds that have cost thousands of dollars to traders worldwide.
  • This software uses deceitful practices in order to gain attention and possible buyers, things like fake testimonials and poor feedback are seen through out the whole investigation.
  • Mirror-Trader.co is rather blacklisted than endorse in many channels due to it’s lousy algorithms and poor customer service.
  • Unrealistic promises are made which fool the average beginner and person who doesn’t know how binary options really work.
  • It’s simple another deceitful trading scam.

Final on our Mirror Trader Review

Mirror Trader Review
Mirror Trader Scam

After all we showed and demonstrated with cold evidence, we are pretty confident that we can say that this system is up to no good. The overall theory of creating such signals has been done before, this is actually a remake of previous scams in the market. There is nothing special or unique that this service offers that would make us even consider that this is a good option for traders. This is in fact quite dangerous which is why we cannot recommend this to anyone, the Mirror Trader Software is a filthy SCAM!

Now, if you are truly searching for a devoted service that is looking to help traders with honesty rather than lies, you can take a quick look at Neo2. This software has been carefully developed over many years, it has been upgraded with the most up to date algorithms you can find, they have dedicated teams to help you understand how to use the software. Our subscribers have a lot of joy with it due to its simple platform and features, it’s one our of our top recommended so please feel free to check that out. Thank you for reading our Mirror Trader Software Review.

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