Mockingbird Method is a SCAM!!

Ladies and Gentleman, this is the first promotional video that we’ve ever seen to use the “Live Show” approach. The Mockingbird Method is an auto trader develop by our bold headed trader, Daniel Marland. From the first quick look at their pitch page, we noticed that it was poorly designed and had little to no originality whatsoever, the typical “countdown” widget was displayed on the top right corner counting down 50 members. If you let the time go by, you’ll see that it will reach to zero but if if you simply refresh the website,  that coutdown will start over again. Besides the deceitful tactic they are using, we also did a background check on the name Daniel Marland and found no track record of him been involved with any technology company. That’s because Daniel Marland is not a real person and simply an actor from Fiverr.

Daniel Marland from Mockingbird method is a scam and is a fualty trading software

During the Mockingbird Method video, we were hoping to see any actual details on how this specific trading software functions. Daniel Marland failed to explain or even mention how the trading algorithms are supposed to generate 92% ITM. Instead, the guy rambled on how his own brother back stabbed him and stole all his wealth and made him poor again. Somehow, we believe this is just another big lie to make us feel sorry for him. Remember, the Mockingbird Method uses fake actors therefore everything he claims is false!!

This money making scheme is constantly repeating how this “once in a life time opportunity” will end very soon, something that is completely false because we have visited their pitch page for more than a week and it’s still there. The Mockingbird Method doesn’t even strive to be a decent and professional trading software, during the video, Daniel Marland uses swearwords to make statements that really don’t need such language. This Mockingbird Method software will be launched on Monday 7th March 2016 and we’re positive that it will go viral since they’re the first time to use such approach but regardless of how creative the pitch video was, the Mockingbird Method is a scam and should be avoid at all cost!

The Mockingbird Method uses fake security badges and is not trusted

We also noticed that on the second page of tries to mislead us that our countries have the only 50 spots left. It’s a proxy widget that changes countries based on you IP address, nothing to feel special about, you could live in Nigeria and still see the same option telling you that it’s available in your country. Bellow that is a number of security seals that will appear as if your money will be safe but in fact it’s not! Those security seals are not real and don’t represent any real companies!! The is not offering anything legit and back up by real facts, we have not seen anything worthy to make us even consider them as a good trading software. The only  thing Daniel Marland accomplish was to make himself look liked one of the most obnoxious sales man in the binary options industry.

We highly doubt that the two people they gather to test the Mockingbird Method software actually made any profits, any beginner programmer can make a software display a 1,000 dollars. How can we be sure it’s real?? No trading strategies were witness and no live trading  video was presented to determine that the trades were ever taken by the two people in the room. For all we know, they just closed their laptops and grabbed a cup of coffee and came back to open their screens to a 1,000 dollars display.

The Mockingbird Method is a SCAM!!

There’s really nothing more to this Mockingbird Method trading software, everything on their website is cheaply develop and doesn’t offer anything we haven’t seen before. We suggest you go with proven and tested auto traders like the VirtNext SoftwareNevetheless, if you still think that the Mockingbird Method is worth your time, please go ahead and lose your money. Our final verdict will remain, the Mockingbird Method is a Scam!!


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