The Modern Money Club Scam must be AVOIDED!

Modern Money Club Review scam review

If you were interested in the Modern Money Club as a way to make money, please pay close attention. Jamie Perkins, the deceptive crook behind is just another one of those people who try to look legit in order to leave your wallets empty, you might be surprised that we are saying such things but we have found shady and manipulative tactics that convinced us that is nothing more than your average money making scheme. In our Modern Money Club review, we are going to demonstrate and share with you many deceitful techniques that you might have not noticed, this is crucial for you to know since it can save your trading career from reaching a dead-end.

First, we do have to admit it since we are not stubborn people who just blacklisted anything that promises good results because quite frankly, there are reviewers out there who don’t give a chance to let the service prove themselves as legitimate companies but in the case of Modern Money Club, it’s just another manipulative system that tries to look somewhat honest and transparent but in the end, they are just the same typical money-making scheme. Now, we do realize that the overall production value of this service is somewhat high but you do have to realize that these sorts of scams bring a lot money, so it would make sense for the crooks to invests generously since they are going to earn a lot more money than what they invest in the scam.

A big red flag that this fraudulent system gave us!

Modern Money Club review scam scam review

As we continued to do our search on this service, more disturbing details were discovered. When searching for Jamie Perkins and his passion for online trading, nothing was ever found! You would expect a person that has a direct relationship with a company that makes thousands of dollars to their users to be somewhat recognizable in the investing industry, no Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account or even a mention in any trading website was ever found, it seems that nobody has heard of such individual which is highly suspicious when he is the one of the most recognizable faces of the Modern Money Club Scam! This is a common characteristic that most binary options scams have since the so called “owners” are not real traders or developers, just actors that have no credentials in trading or developing successful auto traders. Besides that, we tried looking for the technology company that was responsible for creating such software and no information was ever found, this obviously warns us that not trusted or recognizable tech companies are behind this. Also, if scroll down the site, you will notice results from “members” of this scam in which they shared their highly positive comments on this app, the negative part about such reviews is that they are all FAKE, Jim Parker has never used this software since he is a random guy whose pictures was taken from the internet, please go ahead and search for his image on google and you will see hundreds of search results showing the exact same photo, this just proves that they are willing to use any faul tactic to scam you hard! Because if this truly worked, there wouldn’t be needs for a self-written endorsement.

Second suspicious characteristic we found was that their marketing capitalized on bashing other services and that they try for the technical look in investing. Which mentions that trading does not bring you millions of dollars overnight which is true but after he clarifies that, he then tells the audience that he was able to make millions of dollars with this scam System, which is kind of hypocritical but since people don’t pay attention to those details, nobody cares. But one of the biggest issues we have with is their manipulative trading results, half of the sales video focuses on a girl who desperately needs money, they then give her the Modern Money Club software so she can make enough money so she can go to college which is alright with us, but notice how they NEVER show the laptop’s screen, it’s like we telling our viewers that we have witness a dog speaking and that we proof of it in our laptop but never show it to you, that’s what the people behind software did, they made the girl say she has made a lot of money but never show the software in action, she just opens her laptop and says she generated 6,000 dollars without even showing the end result, not even the last few traders or the final account balance which is just ridiculous and outrages!

Modern Money Club Software features

As the video progressed, we were hoping for an explanation of how the trading software was going to generate consistent trading results. But no, Jamie Perkins just kept on smiling and drinking his beer without any regards in showing any insight of how the auto trader works. Most legit and transparent trading services usually take a big portion of their introduction video to explain what are the functions of such system and what trading method it uses. We have no ideas if this app uses technical or fundamental analysis, does it use chart patterns or any specific type of algorithm that we’ve might have heard off? No, zero clues on that matter and it just proves that they have no interest in what the software is made out of, something that should concern any trader since they are going to be relying their hard earn money with such faulty software.

End our our opinions on the Modern Money Club review

Modern Money Club Scam Review Scam

It’s pretty clear what this service’s intentions are, everything they share or promote is either fake or deceptive lies. There is somewhat truth to what they say but they just leverage that with deceitful sales techniques to make you deposit your money. After reading the emails we’ve relieved that say that such software has made them lose all their initial investment, we were determined that is a SCAM!

Now, if you are truly looking for a legit and transparent service that can help you generate decent amounts of profits, please have a look at Copybuffett. This app has been widely approved by the binary options community and is consistently been updated to withstand the everyday changing markets, the owner is trustworthy individual who does not show you fake testimonials but rather a clear explanation on how their system works, beginners are quite fond of this app since the interface is plan and simple. Check them out anytime you want and thank you for reading our Modern Money Club Review!

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