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    NEO2 Performance Update Trading Results Review

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We were wondering if this NEO2 Software lived to its expectations, many call it the best auto trader ever released, so… does the NEO2 generate good trading results? Yes! it’s actually the best performing auto trader we’ve ever encounter, thanks to its innovative technology that combines both weather forecasting and trading algorithms together, the software is able to pull off wonders and provide excellent ITM results. Jack Piers and Amit Gupta has made sure this trading system is modified to its full potential, combining such technology has made this trading app go beyond the limits of any auto trader out there, which is also worth mentioning that all of this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Michael Freeman and his superb trading skills. In this NEO2 Performance Update review, Patrol is going to show you how you can fully comprehend the software to make the most out of it, the benefits you get by using the NEO2 correctly is very rewarding so please read our performance review carefully, you’ll be surprised how you can alter the NEO2 trading results!

Before we start diving into all the goodies and tips of the NEO2 Software, we think it’s important that you know how this auto trader really works. The average software out there will integrate the basic algorithms like chart analysis and technical indicators, besides not been very accurate in nature, the App uses another piece of tech, so it doesn’t just rely on one type of trading analysis. Remember the saying that says that two heads are better than 1 head, well the same applies to binary options trading. Amit Gupta and Jack Piers smartly decided to combine the two algorithms to spot out fake trading signals that could harm the app’s performance. So when the software has a specific signal in process, the forecasting algorithm kicks in and helps it decide if it’s worth taking the risk, after the trading signal has been confirmed by the software, the trade will be automatically place on your broker to ensure the best entry as possible, it uses super fast computers to make sure there is no delay. We’ve simplified the idea that Jack Piers and Amit Gupta has given but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the mechanism behind the NEO2 software is something truly remarkable and complex, therefore explaining the technical part of it will just confuse you a lot more. Please to continue to read the Performance Update review to ensure full access of the software.

NEO2 Performance Update! 85% ITM Trading Results! Performance Update Trading Results Performance Update Trading Results Review

Besides the countless of positive reviews found in every trading community, we’ve decided to test it for ourselves and share our loyal subscribers our own trading results. Using and setting it up was pretty simple, just log in with your account information and you’re good to go. So after 3 hours of having the Software on and taking 11 trades daily, we managed to obtain a performance result of 87 percent and on the last 3 days we got 90.1% which is completely outstanding! Not one of our recommended trading apps has achieve such trading results, doesn’t mean they’re bad but simply not as good as the software. Which once again proves that what Michael Freeman has done with the NEO2 auto trader is not joke, he really did spend his time and efforts into this and we can clearly see it by first hand, this man is not a part of every launched service out there. In fact, it’s extremely rare to see him been involved in such project because it’s quite obvious, he wouldn’t want to be part of a low performing system that doesn’t work, he’ll lose credibility and respect therefore Michael will only be a part of something that is truly legit like the software.

Performance Update and Trading Results Tips Review Performance Update and Trading Results Tips Review

NEO2 Performance has never been higher before, Jack Piers and Amit Gupta are constantly updating the software to the newest algorithms out there. That of course ain’t easy but since they have a dedicated team to achieve such tasks, they make it possible! This of course comes at a price, both of the owners of the software have stated on their introduction video that to maintain the NEO2 Performance & trading results at an optimal level, they will have to charge upcoming traders and beginners a license fee of 799 dollars which is not cheap at all. That is why we recommend visitors to join the NEO2 Beta testing phase to obtain this amazing opportunity to get in for free and keep the software without any monthly or annual charges. Jack Piers and Amit Gupta are both doing this of course to share the software’s performance and trading results with more credibility, it makes sense since buyers would want real testimonials and trading results from traders who have used the system.

NEO2 Performance and Trading Results Tips!

First Tip: well, as you know the forecasting algorithms implemented in NEO2 are mostly designed to detect any fundamental activity in a particular asset. That would indicate that our prior focus should be on commodities pairs like oil, gold, copper, and silver. Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t not mean that you should avoid trading with currencies but your chances of nailing a higher ITM performance will most likely be with those type of assets. Second Tip: Try to not trade with the system during non volatile hours as it might change the NEO2 trading performance due to low market movements, anything that has to do with important news and statements can make the forecasting algorithms pick that up a lot more easier, therefore generating more signals would be a lot more efficient and fast. Third Tip: Don’t be greedy, if you know that you have profited enough for one day, don’t hope to encounter a losing trade to stop for the day, just continue the next day. Please take notice that these tips on performance and trading results are not a must but simply are mentioned to improve your experience with the software.

Conclusion on the NEO2 Performance Update Review Performance Update and Trading Results Tips Review Performance Update and Trading Results Tips Review

This is not a binary options scam in any way, it doesn’t involve any of those deceptive tactics you find in the average money-making scheme. Not only are the developers of the NEO2 App incredibility gifted but the partnership of one of the biggest and most trusted mentors is also a part of the software. We really do hope that our visitors get the chance to experience the profits we’re making with this unique trading app, it’s performance is absolutely astonishing and this is only the start of it! Please contact us for further details and thank you for reading our NEO2 Software Performance Update Review!

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  1. I was afraid this software was complicated to handle since I’m just a beginner but it’s pretty much good to go! 14/16 trades in the money, not bad at all!

  2. 8/9 trades tonight, I was going to do more but I had to go to work… Nevertheless, I’m definitely happy with the results!

  3. I’ve been combining my own strategies with this system but I feel that there is no need for it, it works best alone I guess!

  4. Don’t know why I didn’t find this earlier… I lost soo much money to previous scams but I’m glad this system is finally making me decent profits on a consistent basis! Thank you Patrol.

  5. only 122.65 dollars on Friday since I started my trading session late, can’t wait for the markets to open up on Monday!!

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