New Year Profit Scam!! Honest Review!!

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The New Year Profit Scam seems to be targeting rookies in the binary options industry because this trading software is completely absurd. Edward Pritchard, the crook behind to this bogus software says that this auto-trader will make you thousands of dollars every single day. According to what he claimed, this is the holy grail because it is destined to profit no matter how difficult the markets are. Let us make something very clear, Edward Pritchard is not the kind of person you might think he is but rather a deceptive individual whose plan is to trick you into purchasing the New Year Profit Scam. He completely sugarcoated this money making scheme by discussing about “giving to charity” because you’ll be super rich but don’t get the wrong idea, we fully support the idea of giving but when it’s not used to scam people. Edward Pritchard wants you to think that his a warm hearted person but he’s simply not!

As we continue to browse through the website, Edward Pritchard made no mention on how New Year Profit Software functions, how is it possible for such auto-trader to generate such staggering results when even the highest and most trustworthy signals services only managed to obtain 78 to 89 percent?? That is what we want to know, because binary options trading is no piece of cake and we can guarantee that trading is not for everyone, only patient and dedicated traders profit in this game. New Year Profits Software is barely showing any signs of legitimacy.

How does the New Year Profit Software work?

New Year Profit does not work!!

New Year Profit Results are quite impressive, that’s if Edward Pritchard is telling the truth but we believe that such results are showcased to fool those who are just starting out in the binary options industry. You can definitely make money with this but you have to be really talented and good to obtain at least 1000 dollars a day. It’s very irritating and suspicious of Edward Pritchard to not make any acknowledgment on the software’s algorithm, most binary options scams  have the tendency to avoid this detail due to the reason that they simply can’t explain it because the soul purpose of such product is to scam traders and not make any actual money. New Year Profit Scam sounds exactly like the previous frauds we’ve reviewed in the past, it is basically the same system but with different names.

Edward Pritchard, where are you?!

Edward Pritchard is not even found on any social media, he did not address any email or costumer support on their scam website. What if you ever run into some technical issues and you need urgent assistance?? very unprofessional of them to not provide one. Anyway, this Edward Pritchard is not found anywhere!! No LinkedIn account or Facebook account, nada!! This guru sounds like a made up character that the Scam artist created in order to hide his true identity, if the New Year Profit Software is a profitable trading software, why would he hide his face??

New Year Profit Reviews are Fake!!

New Year Profit is using dirty tactics!!

This binary options scam even has the guts to show fake results and testimonials on their pitch page, Jim Morrian and Amy Clarke didn’t make a single penny with this auto trader, those profile pictures you see are taken from the search engines, which means that the Scam Artist that constructed the website simply copied those images and wrote it to make it appear as if it were recommended by other traders. The only possible way that those two liers made any money with this is by writing fake New Year Profit Reviews. That technique is constantly integrated in every pyramid scheme out there, fake reviews can be purchased as low as 5 dollars from Fiverr.

A line up of badges were also showed on the website, those security badges mean absolutely nothing because they are not from any real authority websites. The widgets aren’t clickable which indicates that they were easily generated with PS and pasted in their pitch page. The New Year Profit Scam seemed to use every deceptive strategy we can think of, seriously… the qualities that this trading software uses are what every money making schemes has.

Conclusion on the New Year Profit Review

New Year Profit is a SCAM!!

This bogus software has showed too many bad qualities, this system is not worth your time and money so we would like to conclude our review that the New Year Profit is a SCAM!! This is a dangerous product that should be avoid it at all cost!! If you invest your hard earned money in this, you will lose it!!

Now, if you are looking for something that truly works and doesn’t lie to your face, you might be better off with a service like Neo2. Their team of developers have ensured to test their algorithms with any kind of trading market therefore you will see a consistent performance in results and signals. Their platform is very simple to understand so any experienced or mediocre investor can use it, they also offer exceptional customer service 24/7 so issues and questions can be solved anytime! Feel free to visit them!

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