Oil Millionaire APP Review! WHERE’S MY MONEY?!

Oil Millionaire APP Scam Review
Oil Millionaire APP Scam Review

So many fraudulent systems out there, the Oil Millionaire App is another binary options scam that apparently is doing a good job at stealing trader’s money. Donald Olsson, the crook behind oilmillionaireapp.com scam site says that this trading software will generate thousands of dollars to anyone who uses it. Recent updates from our visitors demonstrated us that such trading results are false and in this scam review, we are going to expose the Oil Millionaire App and Donald Olsson for good! It is important that you read this scam review before you ever try to enter the oilmillionaireapp.com site.

First of all, this auto trader does not look legitimate at all, we have nearly 200 reviews on binary options scams and Patrol can guarantee you that there are thousands of better looking money-making schemes than this trading software. This specific fraud looks very cheap and has dodgy tactics all over their website. If you take a closer look at the Oilmillionaireapp.com scam, you’ll notice that it’s very old and rather scammy looking! You would expect from Donald Olsson, a supposed multi millionaire to have a better user-friendly site than this garbage. A teenage kid with basic webmaster information can probably build this under 15 minutes.

Why the Oil Millionaire App Scam is a Fraud!

Well, for starters this specific trading software is blacklisted all over the search engines, authority blogs in the binary options industry has stated that their trading results are just awful!! Which contradicts everything that Donald Olsson has claimed about oilmillionaireapp.com, this theory behind trading Oil is somewhat true but is explained in a way to manipulate traders into thinking it’s super easy. It might look like binary options trading is simple but it’s a lot more complex than that. From what we understood from oilmillionaireapp.com, it’s that they’re claiming easy profits due to their great software algorithm.

Here lies the second problem, nothing about the Oil Millionaire APP Scam was really explained with precised details, you cannot trust some stranger that promises attractive offers in this industry. Specially when there are hundreds of scam artists willing to do and say anything to obtain your hard earned money! Did you know that people sell fake testimonials where they promised on camera that something really works?! The cold reality is that they’ve never used such product and are rather focused on making their review so they can earn a couple of dollars from it, five to be more exact!

Oilmillionaireapp.com site trading results

Trades have submitted trading results to our email showing that the Oil Millionaire APP by Donald Olsson is generating from 63 to 65 percent which is not profitable at all! Such trading results will not increase your capital but will rather always break you even until you wipe out your remaining balance. Such performance is really not surprising at all if you analyse the Oil Millionaire APP a bit more. Donald Olsson has lied once again because if you visit the second page of oilmillionaireapp.com, you would see a slideshow of trading results insinuating that it’s earning millions to binary options traders when it’s really not providing any value in their profits.

Summary of this Oilmillionaireapp.com Scam Review

  • Donald Olsson is an individual we have no track records of, he’s existence in this industry is completely unknown to any trader or community.
  • Oilmillionaireapp.com poorly explains how it really functions and misleads information about trading options to make it appear as if it were as deadly simple which is completely false.
  • This software is banned from many blogs out there for it’s dreadful performance and unconsistency
  • Customer support or an email address was not provided, no way to contact their support team if a technical issue ever occurs.
  • The whole concept of trading just oil lacks lots of information that are filled with promises and results that can’t be obtain like Donald Olsson would like you to believe.

Conclusion on this App Review

Oil Millionaire App Review
Ending Review

Countless of deceptive lies were presented on oilmillionaireapp.com, such qualities that this trading software integrates are not common practices that legitimate auto traders have. Why would Donald Olsson claim things that are simply not true?! We believe that this is a pyramid schemed aimed for rookie beginners, this system does not provide anything else besides an empty account. No real value was ever demonstrated on oilmillionaireapp.com.

That is why our final verdict on this auto trader is that Oil Millionaire APP is a SCAM!! Please stay away as far as possible from anything that Donald Olsson promotes because he will leave your wallets empty! In case that you’re really intrigue in trading with a transparent and credible service, you can check out the Tauribot System, a fully approved and consistent tool that a large sum of our visitors are using, not hidden gymmics or deceitful strategies. Just decent quality signals that will increase the chances of you profiting more effectively. Remember that you can always contact us for more information but in the mean time, trade safely ad thank you for reading our scam review!

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