Onassis Alliance is not TRUSTED!

Onassis Alliance Review
Onassis Alliance Review

A big launch in the industry has been talked about for many days, it’s finally released and it goes by the name of Onassis Alliance. Many have told you that this might be your ticket to overnight success but is it true, can this make your dreams come true and help you financially. Well, according to Jed Onassis, this might generate an overall profit of up to 7,500 dollars per day, we’re sorry to break the news to you but onassisalliance.co is just another scam that will burn your broker account in a matter of days, that’s why Patrol is here to warn every single one of you to stay as far as possible from this money-making scheme, our Onassis Alliance Review will share insights on everything you need to know.

You might be surprised to hear all of this since the introduction video looked so convincing but if there’s anything we know about filthy lying frauds is us. At the very moment we arrived at the onassisalliance.co website, we instantly saw that he was full of garbage, he continuously repeats clever sales tactics to win your trust in a very manipulative way. Notice how he repeats the phrases “the life you deserve” over and over again to make him appear more sympathetic and warm-hearted. This is just said to establish him as a trusted person, but he’s not! Onassis Alliance and this crook have no trading history, no reliable source of information can validate that this person actually knows what he is doing. The most trusted trading channels don’t even endorse this trash for it’s undesirable results and this is just the tip of the ice berg, Jed Onassis has many dirty secrets he doesn’t want you to know!

Onassis Alliance will be your worst nightmare!

Onassis Alliance Review
Onassis Alliance Review

Resuming our search to find any legitimate signs that this might actually function as advertised, we learned that the overall product/auto trader is actually only a few days old. the domain was registered on the 11/2/2016 which obviously indicates that this has not been available for more than a month. Are you seriously thinking this can work correctly without any tech issues when there has only been days of testing? Plus, this crook mentioned that this trading software has been working for many months to it’s users, which is simply not true since this has only existed a couple of days. Showing once again why the Onassis Alliance can’t be trusted, everything that they’re trying to do is to empty your wallets! Trusted and Transparent services don’t have to use such deceitful tactics, their performance will speak for it self, that’s why Onassis Alliance will not make money for anyone.

But that’s not all, what about the algorithms and strategies that are implemented within this trading software. Does it use any of the modern techniques like sentimental data in which the system uses trader’s expectation, none of that is mentioned here and what little Mr. Jed Onassis explained was done in a very poor manner and didn’t say much about the software at all. This is pretty much your generic type of fraud with a nice looking video, you might be thinking to yourself why they went to such troubles to do such effort, may we remind you again that these schemes make a lot more money than they’re invested, that’s why it would make sense for these scam artist to do it wisely. Let’s discuss the platform itself, the introduction video showed the auto trader in action in the worst way possible, they simply showed the results after they turned winners, this is easily manipulated and can be edited with web editing tools, this does not guaranteed those thousands of dollars they’re saying.

The real performance and trading results of Onassis Alliance

Since the main quest for traders is to find something that provides them decent results, performance should be the number 1 priority for all investors. That’s why researching the true ITM performance of this auto trader is critical, so when investigating thoroughly for any real testimonials and reviews, we discovered that onassisalliance.co is actually providing members only 63.1% ITM, this will not increase your capital and will most likely decrease it each and every single day.

Conclusion to our  Onassis Alliance Review

Onassis Alliance Review
Onassis Alliance Review

That’s why onassisalliance.co is a sure formula to an empty trading account, if you continue to navigate their page, you will most likely fall into their trap so we honestly recommend you to be very cautious and aware that Jed Onassis is a liar! Onassisalliance.co is a SCAM!

Now, in case you’re truly devoted to trading successfully, you might have better chance at profiting with something like SnapCash Binary. This is something that truly has established themselves as a legitimate option to trade with, the developer actually spent many years and efforts to try and make this consistent in any kind of market, gladly to our surprise, he did succeed and is praised by many traders for his innovative and yet simple trading platform, the app delivers a total of 84% ITM and is easily accessible as of right now, feel free to contact them and thank you for reading our Onassis Alliance Review!


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