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Opus Formula
Opus Formula Review

Another fraudulent system has hit the markets, Opus Formula by Lex Simmons is just another poor attempt to sound legit when they’re really just a deceitful service that will do anything to get a hold of your money. This might shock you but this is the sad truth about opusformula.co, even though they might sound like a transparent and honest company, we have evidence that this will not work and that everything you’ve been told about such system is pure lies. Please read our Opus Formula Review to be aware of everything you need to know because if you invest your money in it, you will lose every single penny!

Let’s get to the obvious first, this crook here does appear very convincing but since we’ve been reviewing services like this for 3 years now, we are not surprised that such individual would present themselves as “honest”. The problem that we have with Lex Simmons is his credibility, in the introduction video he keeps mentioning how much money he has generated with Opus Formula and how he’s now a multi millionaire because of such extraordinary system. That might sound impressive but remember that they are just words, to really prove that such profits were made, one needs real evidence. When searching for the representative, no connections were ever made, not a single shred of proof indicated that this guy here was a successful trader, no investing news portal or binary options website is aware of such trader. Certainly a trader who makes 7 figures a year would go noticed since money tends to attract attention but no, it appears as he never used the Opus Formula Scam, which just proves that this is just fictional character that he played and that no millions of dollars were ever made!

Why Opus Formula without a doubt is a dangerous scam!

Opus Formula Scam
Opus Formula Review

As we kept on watching the sales video, we realized that this deceitful individual kept on playing some overly used sales techniques that we see in common binary options scams. The spokesman from opusformula.co kept on giving you sugar-coated lies at how your life is going to change and how they are going to reserve your favorite spot in the most luxurious restaurant, things like that. Staff that will just make you drool over them but has nothing to do with the actual trading software, we don’t mind if he mentions it once but throughout the video, Opus Formula repeatedly tries to tackle you with all these lies and it surely proves that they are desperate for you to join them and it’s always a bad sign. Not to worry, this is not enough to categorized them as “Scam” but this is just the beginning of this scam review, the dirty tactics we found in opusformula.co will disturbed anyone who though this was legit.

The real interesting part of the Opus Formula scam is the endorsements, the positive comments that are only availble come from Lex Simmons and the testimonials shown on his introduction video. The problem is that such reviews from those people are all FAKE, those so called members in the video were paid to lie on camera for a few dollars. How can we possibly know this? Because this is not the first time we see this kind of endorsements, opusformula.co used an online marketplace called Fiverr.com to obtain a short video where they say everything they want you to hear. For example, there is a gentlemen in the video where he praises and thanks the scam software for generating thousands of dollars in a short period of time, this person can be found on Fiver and his name is GferdiIt seems as if everything they tell and share with you is either fake or lies, if the Opus Formula software really worked, why are they purchasing paid testimonials to fool you? The answer is obvious and this is what differentiates legitimate trading services from the bogus ones!

Main Features that the Opus Formula Software has that will generate big losses!

We tried rewatching the video 3 times and completely failed to understand how the opusformula.co system really worked. Since Lex Simmons spent almost the entire video showing you cheap looking bank account results that could easily be copied from the internet, no ideas on what algorithms or methods it uses to generate millions of dollars. Therefore it’s extremely hard to judge is this really works! Proven trading softwares usually tend to provide real insight on their process of making good signals, it could range from using technical indicators or fundamental news trading but none of that is known about the Opus Formula software which makes it very dangerous to invest in. Another important red flag that we detected was the promises they were trying to establish, the fool from opusformula.co guaranteed 10,000 dollars a day from a 250 dollar investment, we are here to be bluntly honest and in binary options trading, growing that little capital in such a short period of time is impossible! Ask any experience trader and he or she will tell you that it cannot be done, the markets are too complex and it’s simply a fairy tale to think about it.

Verdict on our Opus Formula Review!

opusformula.co scam review

So it’s pretty clear what are our opinions on this, do not use this trading system and if there is one thing that we are completely sure is that this does not work! Their branding is full of lies and the marketing is just complete trash, they are trying to deceive you with countless of scam widgets like 1 spot left even though days and weeks have passed and it’s still at 1.  Patrol’s verdict on this scammy trading service is that AVOID IT AT ALL COST!

Now, if you are looking for something that truly works and does not lie to your face with unrealistic results and fake testimonials, your better alternative would be something like CopyBuffet. This app has been tested and modified for many years to make sure it’s performance stays consistent, it withstands any kind of trading market and is right now trader’s top favorite, the owner of this system is an actual trader who knows how to develop algorithms and is simple a transparent guy who knows what he is doing. Feel free to check them out and thank you for reading our Opus Formula Review!

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