Passive Profits SCAM Review!!

A newly launched auto trader has been released, the Passive Profits trading software is been heavily promoted on many dodgy looking websites, let’s see if this binary options software is worth your time!! Although their pitch page is well designed and looks appealing, Patrol still thinks this is a fraudulent scam and here’s why!! You might feel guilty or somehow sorry for this Nathan Birch but there is no real proof that such person exists, for all we know… this could just be a made up guy with a purchased photo. We have encounter many unspeakable money making schemes use all kinds of stories to keep you well engaged. Fake testimonials and paid actors can be hired for as low as 5 dollars so please don’t underestimate Scam Artist’s tactics. If you think that this Passive Profits is a good trading bot to trade with, you will lose your money!!

Apart from the voice that appears completely different from a 19 year old, Nathan Birch  did not mention anything about the auto trader’s algorithm or how it works? Generating 100,000 dollars a month is quite impossible unless you invest heavily in binary options, it certainly can’t be done with a $250 account. There’s little to no information on the software developer or the owner, there is no way to verify that this Nathan Birch is actually pulling of all that cash but there is one thing we can fully verify, Passive Profits is using fake testimonials and purchased photos to present themselves as an outstanding trading software..

Passive Profits is a scam and is using deceptive tactics to decieve traders!! is using purchased photos to write fake testimonials, why would Nathan Birch do such thing if this auto trader provides staggering profits? Because it doesn’t work and he knows that no logical person would recommend such fraud to their families and friends, that’s why Nathan Birch uses deceptive tactics in order to scam people. Not one authoritative blog recommends this Passive Profits scam and the ones that are promoting such shady software are generic looking websites that look like are been payed off to write a positive review. Patrol will not receive any request to review any trading bot or services unless we feel that the binary options community should be aware off! Nathan Birch simply doesn’t provide any real value to us and our traders!!

We believe that legitimate auto traders should explain a reasonable explanation on how their software generates profitable signals but this Passive Profits is simply not accomplishing any of that. It’s unprofessional for such kid to go claiming that his software is generating thousands of dollars without providing any real insight on how it’s doing it!! There are so many gurus and binary options scams that this just looks like an exact copy of older scams with a different name, uses fake testimonials to attract audience, are those the qualities of a profitable trading software?? No!! Actions speaks louder than words, why couldn’t you provide a real and fact-proofed way to back up all those unrealistic results, recording live webinars is not rocket science, but we doubt that Nathan Birch will do such thing since this is a scam and he knows that it is!!

Passive Profits scam Review, final verdict, it's a Scam!!

We also discover that their support team is inactive, we sent an email to 3 days ago and we still haven’t received a single reply from them. Would you trust such service if they don’t care about your potential issues with the software, what if you run into some technical problems and you need their help? who will assist you in such occasion? Those are the questions you should be asking yourself before you decided to invest in such trading softwares, this Passive Profits scam does not deliver to our standards and nether should you, our fina conclusion on this software will remain, the Passive Profits is a scam and so is this Nathan Birch. Go with trusted and well established auto traders like Copybuffett, why take the risk when you can go with proven and tested services!?

Thank you for reading our Passive Profits Scam Review and we hope to see you next time!! Remember that you can always open a free demo account and practice, just stay away from scams like this!!

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