Patrol’s Binary Options Signals

Patrol is proud to announce that we will be having Binary Options Signals to all of our visitors, this signals service will be giving around 15 to 20 trades a day from Monday To Friday, this signals will be distributed through a Private Facebook Group that has an accuracy of 75% to 85% percent on a weekly basis. This specific Signals group is moderated by 4 administrators whose job is to make sure the group’s performance is at a profitable level.

In this Signals Group, not only are daily trades going to be shared but live trading webinars will also be held every Friday, this is of course optional for those who want to take trading to a superior level. Tips and Strategies will also be shared, you can also contact any of the 4 traders and ask them any queries about trading or anything related to the Signals Group. As long as your polite, they will be 24/7 at your disposal, just send them a pm to their inbox and you should get a response in less than 1 hour

Why Our Binary Options Signals Group?

Free Binary Options Signals ITM ResultsFirst of all, compared to other signals services, some groups might charge you $100 to $500 dollars a month, this Privates Signals Group will remain free as long as you want, we made special arrangements with the owner to give us permission to send legitimate traders that are looking to trade profitable. Since you will be getting endless support and free signals without any MONTHLY FEES. We only ask you to sign up once with our recommended brokers, this way we will receive a small commission and keep this deal up and running. Our trusted brokers are perfectly safe to trade with and are cherry picked so all signals format match with your expiries.

If you look at the overall picture, you’re getting way more than just signals, you are actually receiving a safe net on your money because it’s always better to have your money with 1 or 2 brokers, so in case of late payments or account verification hold ups, you’ll always have another broker to withdrawal your money. This is amazing opportunity allows you to engage with other traders just like you and the best thing is that this Private Signals Group is always active due the many variety of traders, there are traders from India, Japan, Germany, Ecuador and from many other countries!

How to Join this Patrol’s Binary Options Signals Group

1. Clear Your Cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL)
2. Create and Fund your account with one of the following Brokers.


3. Send us a private message to Patrol’s Facebook Page or our email stating your Name and the broker that you sign up with.

4. You’ll receive an email from us with the Facebook invitation link to the Private Signals Group.

5. Start Trading with endless signals free of monthly charges!!

More Information on the Private Signals Group

This Signals Group is owned by Michael Freeman, leading mentor and trader in the binary options industry, he has over 15,000 followers on social media and has been here from the birth of binary options. Michael Freeman is not only the face of this industry but also a legitimate mentor that has helped thousands of traders get their money back from money making schemes.

That’s why he created “Mike’s Manual Signals Group” to give traders a real chance on trading successfully in options trading. We have made an agreement with Michael Freeman and that’s how we managed to establish this amazing opportunity for all traders!! Look at how one of the administrators pulled of 10 consecutive ITMs in a row!!

 Join our Binary Options Signals Group!

So please don’t hesitate and join this amazing trading community because we don’t know if we can maintain this offer for very long. Don’t fall for those binary options scams, be apart of something special, something unique that will help your success in the long run, this group is friendly and will be at your disposal all day once your are in it, if you have more questions, just comment bellow and we’ll get to you as soon as possible!

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