Pearson Profits App Scam Review

Pearson Profits App  Review
Pearson Profits App Scam Review

It’s Sunday and we have a wave of upcoming scams coming out, the Pearson Profits App is one of them. This binary options software is misleading and very deceptive, we’ve recently found out that many visitors and traders from our website has stumbled upon this scam site. This crook is promising close to 340,000 dollars a month with just 1 hour of your time, this is of course a big fat lie and in this Pearson Profits App Review, we are going tell you why every trader out there should avoid the website.

Fist of all, the spokesman is dumb enough to not introduce himself, we have no clue on his credentials, what he does for a living and for all we know, this could be an escaped convict! (Not Kidding) How are you supposed to believe every word he says about the so-called trading software if he doesn’t even trust us with his real name, why is he hiding from such a “profitable” system? There’s nothing to be secretive about, right? Well, this is what most binary scams do now a days, they provide a fake identity or no name at all so no trace of their real personas can be tracked online by victims of their frauds.

Why you should stay away from the Pearson Profits App

Pearson Profits App Review Scam
Pearson Profits App Scam Review

But it doesn’t stop there with the manipulative tactics, the owners of this trading software are also using fake trading results in their scam site. How does know this? Well, if you do a simple google search on the profile picture of Tamika, you would see hundreds of different search results of that same photo in many websites. That would obviously mean that used those stolen pictures to make it looks as if “Tamika” profited from the so-called trading software. Remember, this girl never used the System because her photo was simply taken from the internet. Now, we do understand that the binary options market is a competitive industry but that is no reason to deceive traders into thinking that their performance is above 98%

Legitimate trading systems don’t have to use such tactic since they know that organic and natural screenshots of their trading results will be shared online. It’s a simple formula actually, if the trading signals turn out profitable, traders are happy, if these people are profiting, they share it and when they do that the hype of the specific system will eventually spread out and attract new customers. But since will make traders lose their hard-earned money, they will never recommend such service and will probably be  blacklisted in many forums like this Pearson Profits App Scam. Trading Results and Performance

This binary options review could have been positive but since so many unwanted qualities are presented with the Scam, making an endorsed review would have been an incorrect thing to do. So… we bashed about how bad their strategies and marketing tactics are but how poor are their trading results? Well, visitors on forums are stating that it’s actually generating results of 59 percent ITM which is far from profitable and will rather burn your capital sooner or later. Such performance is perfectly normal since the mechanism behind the software is cheap and poorly developed. For a successful auto trader to be made, one needs lots of time and money to pull off such effective algorithm. Not many can make consistent profits, especially in this complex and dangerous markets.

But nevertheless, we still contacted their support team at and asked them for verified proofed that a real trading algorithm was implemented in the software. To our anticipated surprise, no reply was ever received from them which leads us to believe that could give two peanuts about trader’s concerns.

Short In Depth Analysis of the Pearson Profits App Review

  • It’s performance is at an absolute low which varies from 56 to 61 percent.
  • Their email address doesn’t reply to the most simplest questions, therefore no real customer support is really offered.
  • is blacklisted in many authority website for it’s crappy performance.
  • This review is based on actual facts like how they faked their trading results on their homepage, the Tamiku Girl never made a penny with this software.
  • Scam Review by is filled with lies, none of the discoveries Patrol found were mentioned on their review.
  • The Technology Company and developer/owner are unknown, probably hiding to prevent any direct encounters with disappointed traders.
  • Main vibe of this review…. is a Scam, no more words to say about it

Final Thoughts on this App Scam Review

Pearson Profits App Review
App Scam Review

This system is a fraud, no real value was added by the so called professionals behind the Software. There are better convincing schemes out there that at least hire a semi expensive actor to represent their software, a great example is Trade X ConfidentialYou’ll see many similar tactics on there, anyway.. Our final verdict on this software is that it’s a SCAM!! Please avoid it, if you invest in this fraudulent service, you will lose your money so please listen to us and try something else.

If you are really interested in trading with legitimate softwares that provide good customer support and excellent trading results, you can try out the Copy Buffett App Software. A fully functional trading software that provides sufficient ITM signals and rapid increase of your trading account, the App is recommended by many traders and communities so please check that out! Once again, thank you for reading our Pearson Profits App Review and trade safe!

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