Pecunia Pact is a SCAM!!

Today we are going to review the Pecunia Pact trading software, this is a fully automated binary options software that takes signals with a success rate of 98 percent and above. Can this be all true or just another money making scheme dying to empty your wallet, we have reasons to believe that this Pecunia Pact scam is another fraud due to the many deceptive tactics we found on their website. Walther Hardmann, the crook behind this dodgy looking software claims that he has made a break through in binary options. He says that his trading algorithm is capable of making millions of dollars without any real work.

On the website, we did not see any information regarding the trading system whatsoever, not a single clue was given about how this Pecunia Pact software generates such a large sum of winning signals. No mention of which technical indicator it uses or which news it anticipates for good volatile signals, nothing, NADA!! Why would they hide such information if we have the right to know since we are the ones that are investing our hard earned money!! Legitimate and transparent signal services always tend to demonstrate how it functions but this Pecunia Pact Scam didn’t do such thing.

Pecunia Pact trading software is a big scam you need to avoid if you don't want to lose your money

Walther Hardmann said that he spent nearly 12 years developing this trading software but there’s no information backing up this story, We have searched for this individual in the search engines and found not involvements of Walther Hardmann ever working with a Technology Company. This could all indicate that he’s lying to deceive traders into thinking that the Pecunia Pact trading software is unique and worth your time. No trace of a LinkedIn profile or Facebook account was traced, the guys is practically a ghost or more like a made up character behind a convincing voice over.

The design of the website also is poorly made and could be constructed in a matter of 10 minutes, this is a very dreadful looking pitch page that looks identically to the previous binary options scams we’ve reviewed before, If the owner of this Pecunia Pact Scam is such a wealthy person, why couldn’t he easily hired someone to design a more user and professional looking welcome page. This looks exactly like the common fraud you see out there in this industry. We are tire to see the same flashy statements, fake screenshots and voice overs that are specifically hired to pull you into purchasing their worthless trading software.

Pecunia Pact is using fake results and made up security badges, stay away from this SCAM!!

And to set a higher suspicion of this trading software, the Pecunia Pact Scam is showcasing a very eye catching result of 15 winning trades in a row, something that is quite impossible, 100/100 percent? If that’s true then everyone would be quitting their jobs right now and trade binary options but since the reality is that trading is a lot more complex and harder to profit from, only smart individuals will profit from this!! The most believable and credible outcome can be 9 winning signals but 15 is just darn right science fiction.

This Pecunia Pact Review could of been positive if it didn’t use so many deceptive tactics like the ones we found on their second pitch page. Fake security badges were found implying that they were somehow verified and trustworthy, those badges weren’t clickable which could only mean that they were Photoshop and pasted it to the website. Their customer support is also inactive, we’ve sent an email to asking for real results and it’s been 4 days without a reply, why would they offer assistance if none is provided.

Pecunia Pact is a SCAM!!

Our final verdict will conclude to this, the Pecunia Pact software is a SCAM!! You need to avoid this if you desire to keep your money safe because the only thing that Walther Hardmann will achieve is to empty your account balance. So if your looking for trustworthy signals services, you can check out Trade Forecast which is proven and recommended by many traders. In case you desire to go with alternative options, just visit our Signals Page and you’ll be given a list of trusted signals services. Remember,  you can always practice on a free demo account so don’t hesitate to do it because it’s better to stay safe rather than going with scams like the Pecunia Pact trading software.

Thank you for reading this Scam Review and Good Luck!!

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