Phoenix Trading Review! WHAT A SCAM!!

Phoenix Trading Program is a scam! That’s right, we have reasons to believe that this trading software is a money-making scheme that is wiping hundreds of trader’s accounts. William Johnston, the crook behind this scams might fool the novice trader but unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot more than a couple of fake results and purchased testimonials to fool us. In this Phoenix Trading Review, we will be exposing the many dirty techniques and practices that William Johnston has implemented in order to trick people into using their scam software. This is not a profitable system and will empty your pockets before you even know it.

On the website, there is a presentation video where a smooth spokesman begins to tell you that it’s not a scam and guarantees it’s bulletproof against losing trades. William Johnston clearly states that there is nothing like it in the market and is one of the top performing auto-trader’s of this year. That’s a complete lie and we can assure you that no one has ever heard of the Phoenix Trading Program Scam and there is a good reason for that. Phoenix Trading is just one of those binary options scams that will make you believe that they are not a scam and that you should trust them because they show you a couple of bank accounts and trading results. What you don’t know is that William Johnston uses many shady magic tricks! We do have evidence to support that so please keep on reading this scam review because it’s only about to get even better!

Can you trust the Phoenix Trading Program?

Phoenix Trading does not work!

If you go to the site, under their pitch video, you’ll see a widget of moving results in which it shows the Phoenix Trading Program Members and their results. Most traders in the so-called community appears as if they were making a couple of hundreds dollars a day, something that is very impressive but in the case of the Phoenix Trading scam, they are all fake!! Those profile pictures that you see next to Sylvie, John and Eleanor are taken from the search engines. We did a simple google search for those images and it showed hundreds of search queries showing the same photo that is displayed on the website. According to William Johnston, this is one the most profitable trading softwares out there but why do they need to lie and manipulate their results in order to attract more clients?

That’s because  this auto trader simply does not work and  they know that no one in their right mind would ever endorsed them. This is an honest Phoenix Trading Review, many shady looking websites are promoting this garbage but they fail to mention any of the deceptive strategies we’ve exposed. This is a dangerous scam that is currently deceiving a lot of traders and that’s why it’s necessary to stay away from the Phoenix Trading Scam as far as possible. But it doesn’t end there,  William Johnston didn’t even mention how the auto-trader functions, are we supposed to take your words for granted and use your software because you said so? No! There are hundreds and thousands of hungry Scam Artist that are willing to say  and do anything for your hard earned money, apparently… that’s irrelevant to them.

Does Phoenix Trading work?

Phoenix Trading uses fake photos

Like we’ve stated before, William Johnston made no clear indication of how the Phoenix Trading Program functions, this fool really thinks that profitable auto-traders are made overnight! It takes years of development and hard work to construct an algorithm that could at least make 75 percent ITM. Take a look at Citidel LTD, the owners spent many years of designing before they ever released it and until now, it’s one of the most sufficient trading softwares in the market! Back to this scam, no information on the Tech Company was ever addressed,  the very own William Johnston isn’t even found on social media, no Facebook Account or LinkedIn profile was ever discovered. You would expect such individual to have credentials before claiming that he has the best auto-trader out there but again, that does not matter on the site.

Phoenix Trading has so many flaws and manipulative practices that until know, we can’t even count them anymore. The annoying email banner that shows every time you  move your mouse cursor is taken from other websites as well. The owner/spokesman lies about his identity profile, that supposed picture of him in the email subscription widget is taken from An online marketplace where pictures and videos are purchased so copyright could be prevented. The real question is why would the Phoenix Trading Scam hide the owners identity if there’s nothing to hide. Unless it’s a scam that we’re pretty sure it is, there shouldn’t be the need to take such actions, that’s why our Phoenix Trading Review is negative, not because it claims easy profits because it can be possible, with the right tools and the correct mindset, trading binary options could be relatively simple but how they’re portraying it.

Phoenix Trading Results

This is a recently launched trading software but members are already complaining on Forums that it’s generating from 55 to 64 percent which it terrible and will not yield any kinds of profits to your account balance. According to William Johnston, the software is supposed to generate 80 percent and above but the real reviews from traders show the complete opposite. email the support team at and got no answer relating to this issue. Do you really want to join a signals service that avoids your emails when you most need it? What if there is a technical issue to the auto-trader and assistance is necessary, who’s going to answer your requests? Not them since they don’t care about it for sure!

Summary of Phoenix Trading Review

  • Bad customer service
  • No real trading algorithms implemented
  • Crappy performance, excuse our language but there’s no other words for it!
  • Annoying email banner that will probably send you countless of scam offers
  • Uses fake results in order to attract attention
  • Is blacklisted in high authority sites in the binary options niche.
  • It’s simply a scam, Phoenix Trading Program does not work!


Conclusion on the Phoenix Trading Review

Phoenix Trading is a SCAM!!

We’ve gone over many bad characteristics that William Johnston displayed on the website. All the evidence that is presented by doing solid research indicates that it’s a fraud, Our final verdict is that the Phoenix Trading Program is a SCAM!! Please avoid this auto trader at all cost to prevent any damages to your bank account, if you invest your hard-earned money into this low performing system, you will lose it!

If you are really interested in trusted and profitable trading systems, check out the Citidel LTD App, a fully working and recommended auto-trader that is endorsed by many trading communities in the binary  options industry. Do not join this Phoenix Trading Scam, Thank you for reading our scam review and good luck!!

Citidel LTD Investment App Review

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