Please avoid the Zero Loss Formula SCAM!

Zero Loss Formula scam scam
Zero Loss Formula Review

As we explored the internet in hopes of exposing more fraudulent trading services, we ran into the Zero Loss Formula System. This is a recently launched service that is promising generous amounts of profits in a short period of time, Peter Morgan, the owner and representative of is apparently making promises he can’t keep. Because according our research and investigation done on this so-called auto trader, many details found contradicts what they guaranteed so we urge every trader out there to read our Zero Loss Formula Review to be aware of everything you need to know before investing in such shady company.

So the first thing that we discovered that was complete lies was their “no losses in 4 years” statement, not only is that impossible since the market doesn’t work like that but the very fact that the domain was registered only a couple of week ago, proves that this software has not been around for that long and it’s pretty unwise of them to start promoting a software as the best trading system in the industry when such short time has passed, it seems that the only thing they worry about is get to as many members as fast as possible and it’s never a good sign when a service does that, it indicates that Zero Loss Formula wants to make commissions right away without fully testing this auto trader. Something that Peter Morgan did not tell us, very suspicious of him!

A Solid reason why the Zero Loss Formula software will fail!

scam review
Zero Loss Formula Scam Review

Now, the main issue we have is the software itself! As the introduction video played on, we were hoping for some sort of explanation that would tell us how this software works, surely an excellent strategy is behind this since it generates consistent winning signals without losses, but no one clue was given on such matter. They are expecting us to believe them because they showed a couple of bank screen shots and lame promises? The binary options industry is filled with deceptive crooks that will say pretty much anything for a couple of bucks, we’ve seen people swear to their children when the system is clearly bogus so more evidence is mandatory! For all we know, this could be using the same low performing algorithms we’ve seen in previous scams but since they didn’t specify what algorithm or even the company that made such software, it’s practically impossible to know. Another concerning fact is that Peter Morgan, the supposed multi million dollar trader who earns buckets of money around the clock can’t be found anywhere, no social media accounts like Facebook or even LinkedIn! Surely a person who is that successful in binary options and has a software must be named somewhere for his previous achievements but no, zero connections are made in any blog or established trading channel.

But the defining detail that told us that Zero Loss Formula is actually a binary options scam was the fact that Peter Morgan is an actor, yes, you read correctly. We have actually seen this individual before playing different roles as the one he did on the Hedge Formula Group. In here, he goes by the name of George Dalio and pretty much says that he has found the secret to trading and that he has made millions of dollars. This assured us that everything that comes out of that mouth is pure lies since he is paid to say lies on camera, you cannot take for granted anything he says and therefore everything is company is built on is pure fairy tales. There’s another fun fact you need to know, those short testimonials played during the sales pitch are also self purchased, one of them is called Banjoman15 and can be found on where he sells them for as low as 5 dollars which is just darn right hilarious and sad. It seems as if everything about Zero Loss Formula is either inauthentic or fake, which obviously tells use that this is not a safe option to invest in! fails to deliver!

So we tried researching for more information on the actual performance of this auto trader and found out that this doesn’t even perform close to good, many comments from victims on blogs and forums say that the most they achieved was 63% ITM which is not enough to even generate a decent profits. These type of trading results will most likely drain your account sooner or later, most you will survive is up to 4 days max if you’re lucky so trading with this garbage is not wise!

Final conclusion on our Zero Loss Formula Review

scam scam scam scam scam
Zero Loss Formula Software Review Scam

Everything they share and promised to you is all lies, the only goals they have in mind is for you to lose your entire investment so they can spend it happily while drinking margaritas. We are tired of seen these low performing money-making schemes and we are positive that this is another one of them, please avoid it because it will leave your wallets empty! is a SCAM!

Maybe you are looking for something legit that doesn’t work and produces good results without lying straight your face, is such you are much better off with something like Copybuffett. This is a company that actually has trusted developers behind it that everyone fully approves and is consistent with their results, their trading platform is very simple so any average trader can use it, please check them out for more information and thank you very much for reading our Zero Loss Formula scam review!

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