Power Profit Platform Review! I LOST EVERYTHING!!

We now believe that Scam Artist don’t sleep at all!! Power Profit Platform is a new binary options software that is fully automated and is supposed to generate you large sums of money in a short period of time. The question is, would powerprofitplatform.com make you any kind of profits or will it burn your account like the many money making schemes out there. Well, Patrol is sad to announce that this Trading software is a Scam!! In this scam review, we will be exposing every single manipulative tactics that George Serriton implemented in the powerprofitplatform.com website. George Serriton is the owner and developer of this binary options scam and there’s a lot of inforamtion that you don’t know about him.

You’ll probably see many Power Profit Platform Review on the internet saying that it works perfectly and claiming that it’s generating thousands of dollars every day but what they fail to mention is that they are getting payed to endorsed such trading software. We have currently received various emails saying that they’ve lost everything that they had in their trading accounts. Sometimes it happens due to the lack of money management but when there are more than 20 traders wiping their accounts clean, something has to be wrong!!

Power Profit Platform Review

Power Profit Platform is a LIER!

First of all, George Serriton doesn’t sound convincing at all. He claims results that are rather impossible in binary options trading. You cannot be a millionaire overnight like he says this system will do. George Serriton wanted to avoid such words since it would sound pretty scammy but when he said that you would be able to buy exotic cars and private mansions, he practically said you’ll be millionaires. Real and legitimate auto-traders are based on real trading algorithms that rely on hard core analysis, Studies like Chart Patterns and News translation are taking into consideration before ever providing a signal.

George Serriton did not explain on powerprofitplatform.com how it’s supposed to create such amazing trading results, he just rambled on and on about how he’s not a scam and rehearsed some stupid story that makes absolute no sense! Powerprofitplatform.com  Scam doesn’t even addressed the real Tech Companies that developed this auto-trader. This George Serriton Scam might be the owner of this Trading Software but that doesn’t mean he developed this on his own. That’s where the Technology Company comes in and provides the tools necessary to make such auto-trader. Not on any widget or page of the powerprofitplatform.com site mentioned the Software Company which lead us to believe that this  trading software is a cheap production to just lures in rookie traders in the binary options industry.

Power Profit Platform Results

Power Profit Platform Results are fake!

The performance is quite awful since traders are losing their entire investment, that should translate to 55 to 60 percent ITM Ratio. A trading performance that is just horrible and will likely burn your capital in a matter of hours. The Power Profit Platform Results are not surprising in any way actually, if you go to their second pitch page on the powerprofitplatform.com website. A widget containing a series of testimonials with their results show that they are making 2 thousands dollars every day. The thing is that those trading results are fake!! That’s right! If you do a simple Google search on those profile pictures, you will be presented with thousands of search queries showing the same exact photo.

Which would only imply that George Serriton copied those images and posted it on the  Power Profit Platform Results section. Such practices are only found in binary option scams since real and positive reviews are impossible for them to obtain since their trading software are bogus and low in performance. We contacted George Serriton at support@powerprofitplatform.com and asked him to explain why he manipulated the Power Profit Platform Results but got no answer!! Can you really trust this Trading Software Scam when they are faking their trading results!?

Summary of the Power Profit Platform Review

  • Low trading performance at 55 to 62 percent in the money ratio.
  • No costumer support since they don’t answer to emails at support@powerprofitplatform.com
  • Powerprofitplatform.com completely lacks in necessary information like their developers contact
  • A large amount of traders are complaining about it’s performance and how they’re wiping their accounts.
  • It doesn’t work!! It’s a common binary options scam!!

Conclusion on the Power Profit Platform Review

Power Profit Platform Review, It's a SCAM!!

We’ve exposed countless of decieving stratgies on Powerprofitplatform.com. Our final conclusion on this review is that Power Profit Platform is a Scam!! Please avoid anything that George Serriton promotes because he will empty your pockets!! So many traders are losing their money to this idiotic scam so please don’t be another victim to fall for such fraud!!

If you are really interested in profiting in binary options, we recommend you to check out Mike’s Auto Trader, a fully verified system that many traders are having success with!! No bs like those pyramid schemes and you’ll also get free access to a Private Facebook group in which signals will also be delivered 24/7! Avoid the Power Profit Platform Scam! Thank you fore reading our review and Good Luck!!

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