Pro Bet App is a SCAM!!

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Pro Bet App aka One Click Software is a fully automated binary options software that generates signals on a daily basis. Nicholas Firth, the crook behind Pro Bet App is apparently saying that auto-trader is capable of making 20 thousand dollars a month, can this be true or is a big lie?? Well, we believe that the One Click Software is another money making scheme that uses misleading tactics in order to get us to buy his Scam software. This is a very poorly presented trading software, the overall production seems like it was built with 20 dollars, we’ve seen it before and it’s completely possible. The Pro Bet App is not recognized by any trading communities but since it’s our duty to expose binary options scams, we will review it!!

Nicholas Firth is not providing any real proof that this is a legitimate trading software, those bank payment screenshots can be easily edited or copied from the search engines. To top it all off, there’s no video presentation on their pitch page which makes it extremely difficult to find any credibility in this auto-trader, if the One Click Software generates so much money, why is Nicholas Firth not investing in a proper market campaign to promote he’s “successful trading system” there are literally thousand of other signal services offering the same thing, lots of money, no real efforts, quick and easy but they are just pyramid schemes that don’t work at all!

Why is the Pro Bet App One Click Software a SCAM??

Pro Bet App and One Click Software are money making schemes!!

We believe that the website is a plain lie due to all of the missing information we found, they do not address the most important feature of their trading software which is it’s algorithm. How is the One Click Software going to generate thousand of dollars if almost no other signal services can come close to what this system is generating… The most skillful binary option trader can make from 5,000 to 9,000 dollars a month but 20,000 is just not possible!! This might be an online job but it’s still trading, which means that it involves the markets, fundamental analysis, chart patterns and many more factors to consider. The Pro Bet App is showing no interest in sharing this information because it’s rather impossible for them to explain it since the One Click Software is meant to be a SCAM!!

This is very common in binary options scams, we have reviewed nearly 500 frauds in this industry and we all see them use the same sales strategy. They talk on and on about how great their auto-trader is and how it made them millionaires but when it comes to actually demonstrating how it generates all those ITMs, they go blank, no mentions whatsoever on the process of generating it. Why do we pay so much attention to the algorithm? Because it’s the most important aspect of the entire system, beginners who are just starting to trade thinks that traders that makes thousands of dollars are guys who use secret methods or formulas but it’s nothing like that. It only requires dedication and knowing what you’re actually doing, which involves reading chart patterns, staying updated on financial events and a wide range of key points.

Are Pro Bet App Results Credible??

Absolutely not!! Nicholas Firth sounds exactly like the other thousand of scammers out there, we’ve double read the entire One Click Software website and it simply doesn’t provide any real features. We can think of 20 better scams that did a more convincing job and Pro Bet App is simply a lame fraud that is here to leave your wallets empty!! Their Customer Support is not even answering to any emails, the is not active!!

Conclusion on the Pro Bet App Review

Pro Bet App is a SCAM!!

Too much lack of information was exposed on their website, not one authority blog out there have any testimonials on this trading software, We have reached to our conclusion that the Pro Bet App is a SCAM!! There are literally 50 signals services that are much better than One Click Software, Nicholas Firth is just a scammer that is after your money, please avoid it and stay away from anything that he promotes. You can try out Mike’s Auto Trader, profitable and recommended by many trusted communities or you can check out our Binary Options Signals Page for alternative options. Just don’t invest in Pro Bet App because you will lose your money!! Thank your for reading our Scam Review and Patrol wishes you Happy Trading!!

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