Profit Maker Method Scam Review

Profit Maker Method Scam
Profit Maker Method Scam Review

Happy Holidays! Patrol was on a break but we’re now back working harder than ever! A new fraudulent software has been released, the Profit Maker Method Scam is not what you think it is. Timothy Hollingdale, the culprit behind the scam site says that this system will generate thousands of dollars to any trader who uses it. This is in fact a big lie and in this Profit Maker Method Review, we are going to mention all the dirty tactics that the owners used to fool rookie binary options traders.

You are probably disappointed to hear such verdicts but that’s the sad truth, the website is nothing but a big convincing lie to leave your pockets empty. First of all, who is this Timothy Hollingdale and why should we believe him? Well, this guy is practically a ghost, he has never been heard off in the binary options industry, a guy like that is imminent to go unrecognizable since he’s a software developer. Usually, the reputable service or owner always tend to have credentials built up before they announce such things, while this person just came out of nowhere claiming darn impossible outcomes that only Timothy Hollingdale believes. Who is the Tech Company behind the Scam! Does such company have a good reputation of making good systems?

Is the Profit Maker Method Software a Scam?

Profit Maker Method Review Scam
Profit Maker Method Scam Review

We know that the website looks promising but auto traders like this come out every single day guaranteeing the same exact thing! That’s why we must do our homework and investigate before putting our hard-earned money with binary options services like this software. The owner also mentions this software as the “Holy Grail” in trading while every experienced and knowledgeable trader can confirm you that such thing does not exist, the markets are very complicated and dangerous, there is not a single auto trader that can predict the market 100% consistently. Even though there are good softwares that do a good job on getting daily profits, making 10/10 ITMs would be rather a fantasy in the real trading world. That’s why we know for sure that is lying to attract traders to their system even though they know that such performance can’t be obtain.

But that’s not the most concerning factor about Profit Maker Method, a series of trading results are shown on the scam site pretending that beta testers or members are profiting with their software. This is not in any way true and we can confirm this because the profile image from one of their members is fake! In the picture shown above, Mayer Frye made a total of 5,000 dollars in 7 days right? But the thing is, that individual doesn’t even trade binary options, he’s a person who had his picture somewhere on the internet and what Timothy Hollingdale did was copied it to the scam website!! There were nearly 10 different pages of websites using the same photo Mayer Frye has. Which indicates that such name is not real and is probably some random men.

The kind of results will generate for you

Well, Patrol discovered on many trading forums and blogs that this trading software is generating close to 62 to 65 percent ITM rate which is far off from what Timothy Hollingdale promised. But those people in the beginning of the video were withdrawing over 20,000 dollars a week!? Technically, you never saw the ATM machine spit out that money, they could have stopped recording when the person introduced the password but no, you just saw a semi clever move that the money was already in their hands. But if you think about it thoroughly, you’ll realize this when you watch the scam video again.

Such performance is produced due to it’s poorly constructed algorithm, we didn’t really hear how this supposed million dollar auto trader was going to generate all those profitable signals. You only hear how much money Timothy Hollingdale has made with it, trustworthy and credible binary options systems usually rely on proven trading methods like Chart Patterns and Technical Analysis. This scam uses none of that, which might be the reason why it performs so badly!

Short run through of the Profit Maker Method Review

  • Timothy Hollingdale is a deceptive individual who uses other people’s photos to implemented as testimonials on his system.
  • Performance and results by the auto trader are exceptionally low and is causing many traders to lose their entire investment.
  • It’s blacklisted as a SCAM in many reputable blogs due to it’s unreachable results and dirty practices.
  • Uses people who simply don’t exist by the names given on the scam.
  • Trading Algorithm is developed incorrectly with many flaws that causes the software to produce unwanted results.
  • Review by Timothy Hollingdale promises that he has found the “Holy Grail” in trading which any mature trader in this trading game can tell you that it’s a JOKE!
  • customer service is not available, no email address, Nada! What if a trader were to run into some technical issues with the software, who would he contact to?
  • Their sales review on the software is manipulative with countless of deceptive lies, that’s why our system review can’t be positive due to that exact reason.

End of the Profit Maker Method Review

Profit Maker Method Scam Review Scam Review

It has indeed surprised us at how convincing they are but by looking at it a bit closely, you can all expose it’s real colors! We’ve reached a conclusion on our system review, all these red flags have indicated us one thing… the site is a Scam!! This software is not legit and it’s performance is darn right embarrassing, don’t wast your time with Timothy Hollingdale because this is not your ticket to financial freedom, we can guarantee you that for sure!

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