Profit Maximizer Scam Review!! Please Read!!

Today we are reviewing the Profit Maximizer 2.0 trading software, this a newly updated auto trader that is supposed to generate substantial profits to those who use it. According to James Forley, the person behind this very shady looking software, guarantees you that this is a revolutionary software that will make you thousands of dollars on complete auto-pilot. That’s what he wants you to think but we know that this is just another binary options scam that will leave your pockets empty and accounts dropped to a zero, here’s why!! This Profit Maximizer 2.0 has been launched before and the previous auto trader was nothing but a scam, we received a huge amount of emails saying that it had a success rate of 54 percent!!

Every experienced trader can confirm you that to make some decent profits in binary options, one must maintain an average percent of 75% and above to actually see the profits you desire. Anything bellow that will be like breaking even and we all know that earning a few bucks will not make an impact in our financial lives. The previous Profit Maximizer 2.0 also promised to provide easy to follow steps to make generous profits in trading but that turned out to be a big lie!! This trading software has little to almost no difference from the previous version, this is just a way to relaunch the scam  to raise commission sales even higher.

Profit Maximizer2.0 is a SCAM!! is not offering anything new except their very convincing and deceptive pitch video. James Forley is constantly claiming that his unique trading software will make you hundreds of dollars within hours with just a couple of clicks. Frankly, he didn’t mention or explained anything about the softwares algorithm, how is Profit Maximizer 2.0 going to make such outstanding and profitable signals?? a very complex and well composed software must be working behind all of this to generate such amazing profits. Sadly, James Forley did not go over any of those details which lead us to the conclusion that it simply does not work, at least a few hints on how it functions wouldn’t kill anybody but he simply didn’t address that matter and we think we know why!!

To develop a highly operational trading software, one must designed and study market algorithms that the average trader can’t see with the naked eye, a very skillful trader must analyse previous chart patterns and historical events in order to produce such algorithms. To approach such talented traders, thousands and thousands of dollars must be payed to receive such service but we highly doubt that Profit Maximer 2.0 will go to any lengths to obtain such results since their history and track record states the opposite, James Forley is not a real trader nor developer according to our research, we searched for him and tried to track him but found no relation with him been involved in binary options or software development. Which all leads to him been a complete liar and deceptive individual who wants to scam you in any way possible.

Profit Maximizer 2.0 is using fake accounts to decieve traders!! It's a SCAM!!

We also found another bogus factor on, their supposed “verified accounts” are not real and are images taken from google itself. Which means that James Forley took those random pictures and used them to create fake results, making them appears as if they were real people who tried his Profit Maximizer 2.0 software. The reason why he took such action is because this auto trader simply doesn’t work and no logical trader will ever recommend such useless junk to any of their colleagues. This is a common characteristics must binary options scams have, they all have fake information on their website in order to deceive and manipulate you into using their fraudulent auto trader.

We also found that their customer support, does not reply to any of our messages, we simply asked for snapshots of real trading accounts and we’ve been waiting for 4 days and still haven’t got an answered. What if you ever run into technical issues that must be solved and you can’t get anyone to help you, are those the qualities you’re searching for in a reliable and trustworthy auto trader?! That’s why we reached our conclusion on this trading software, the final verdict will still remain… the Profit Maximizer 2.0 is a SCAM and should be avoid it at all cost if you want to avoid any potential losses, we are 100% sure that if you invest you hard-earned money with this scam, you will lose your money!!

Profit Maximizer 2.0 is a SCAM that you need to avoid!!

James Forley is a scam artist that you need to look out for, if you really want to trade with profitable auto traders, go with proven and tested softwares that real traders have approved. There are many legit signals services you can join in our trusted signals page. Comment on our reviews in you have any experiences or thoughts on any of these binary options products. Thank you for reading our Profit Maximizer 2.0 SCAM REVIEW!! Remember that you can always open a free demo account and practice your trading skills, it’s free!!

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  1. Guten Tag
    Ich bin beim Profit Maximizer angemeldet, aber beim Broker Binary Brokerz kann niemand Deutsch. Wie kann ich den Broker wechseln.
    +41 79 638 68 07

    1. Please use a translator to talk to the broker, you should also know that Profit Maximizer is a Scam so please avoid using their software!

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