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Another fraudulent trading software has been released, you might fall for his complicated and convoluted plan to make profits but this will in no way do that for you. Aaron Youngst, the owner of is saying that anyone who uses his auto trader is guaranteed huge amounts of earnings in a short period of time, even though he provides little to no information at all on how he’s REALLY going to do it, people still fall for this garbage. That is why in our Profit Protection review, Patrol is going to demonstrate and show you why every trader out there needs to avoid this money-making scheme, you are going in for a big surprise!

Let’s get to this obvious facts first, if you look closely on the site, you will see that the overall production value is extremely low. There’s barely any useful content within the own website. Now about us, no contact information, NADA! You seriously expect that a legit trading service would present themselves like this? Of course that the Profit Protection scam won’t show you that info, if they did that it would be easy to track them down and sue them for been a liar! But please think about it, even a 15-year-old boy can make that kind of web template. It’ only a video in the middle of the page, how hard can that be? But anyway, here lies another big problem with Aaron Youngst. We do not know anything about him, zero pictures or contact information, the guy did a voice over the video the whole entire time. Why would someone hide their face from a software that can turn ANYONE into financial independent people? Is it because he is shy or afraid that he might get in trouble for scamming people. This is very typical of binary options scam and is most likely because Profit Protection is a scam. Flaws!

binary options software review
Profit Protection Review Scam

Like we were saying, nothing about this trading software seems authentic, everything they’ve established can’t be proven. For the love of god, they didn’t even show us the actual software in action or at least how it looks. They seriously expects us to believe everything they say because they said so. Bad news for them because there’s at least 20 new scams a day been release, so yeah…. we can’t trust any service that easily! The Profit Protection scam uses the same old theory that these bogus apps like to capitalize on, “Super fast computers”. First of all, there is some truth into what they say, we can’t be that ignorant but it’s they way they handle such information that greatly offends us. Aaron Youngst tries to manipulate in weird way that really expensive computers are necessary to pull in the big dollars but now, one needs strategic planning and information to make accurate predictions, not some stupid computer. Time is essential but it’s not everything and will not guaranteed you assured ITM signals, it does help you a lot but it’s just a small piece of the entire cake.

Now, on the second page of the scam, you will see a series of badges trying to demonstrate transparency or credibility to their service. Those lame badges show and mean nothing, they can easily be created with an editing software or simply copied from the internet. It’s pretty much a very idiotic theory that is only shared for their own benefits, there aren’t even any real testimonials that ca validates the app’s performance. Why would anyone believe Profit Protection software if the only people who can back this up is themselves, well… there are some blogs that say that this works and makes millions of dollars, it’s those spammy one that pretty much promote everything that is thrown out there in the binary options market, even those that are confirmed scams by authorities. But hey, people still seem to find this irrelevant because all they want is fast money and good sugar-coated promises that are just going to leave them empty-handed!

Overall Performance of the Profit Protection Scam

So, we have pretty much bashed on this trading software for been a common stereotype fraud and deceitful app. But if it functions like Aaron Youngst says it does, who cares? Well, sad news because this system does not perform even close to what they assured on the site. We’ve been reading comments on blogs and forums and the only feedback we read were negative, reviews like not even making 56 percent in the money ratio were seen. Like, come on! At least produce the average winning rate which is 71 percent but no, it seems impossible to achieve this kind of results with this lame piece of garbage, seems like everything they say, promote and promise is all LIES!

Summary of the Profit Protection Review

  • Does not provide any real insight on how this trading system works, you will find huge plot points that don’t explain how the algorithms are going to generate such hard achieving results.
  • Aaron Youngst is an individual who can’t be found anywhere, Patrol tried to track him down and no Twitter, Facebook or even LinkedIn account was found.
  • is simply not trusted, PERIOD!

Profit Protection Conclusion! Aaron Youngst Aaron Youngst

So that’s pretty much it, little to no info at all on this trading system and how it really works. No testimonials that can verify its exceptional performance and the owner is a faceless person who can’t show his face because he’s a lying dirt-bag! We tried to be the most optimistic when reviewing such services but the lack of integrity and uniqueness completely lacks here. There are probably 40 other scams out there that have the same structure as this very lame system, that’s why our final verdict is that Profit Protection is a SCAM!

Please do not try this app whatsoever because if you decide to invest in it, you will lose all your money! But in case you are truly looking for a service that works and doesn’t lie to your face. Please have a look at Neo2, this trading system has implemented the newest trading algorithms in the market and is endorsed by the biggest faces of the binary options industry, our subscribers love it for their simplicity and our personal staff also find it enjoyable to trade with. Be cautious and thank you for reading our Profit Protection Review!

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