Profits Now Scam Review

The Profits Now app is a recently launched auto-trader that we are getting constant emails about, We don’t know why but most binary options scams tend to use the word Profit in their product’s name. For example, we have reviewed Profits Today, Profit MaximizerProfit Stackers and many more. They all turned out to big frauds that many traders felt for. This does not mean Profits Now is a SCAM but this doesn’t indicate a sign of legitimacy. Jonathon Spencer, the crook behind this software says that this trading app is fully automatic so the only thing you’ll be doing is just clicking a couple of buttons. Sounds promising but let’s see if it really functions to our standards.

According to the website, this trading software is capable of generating 40,000 thousand dollars with an investment of only 250 dollars. Something that is completely impossible unless your able to predict the market with an accuracy of 99 percent. You got to be real guys, we here at tries it’s best to warn traders from frauds like Profits Now Scam but you also need to use common sense if success is what your looking for in binary options trading. Trading can be simply but only if you make it!!

Profits Now is a Fraud, fake promises is the only thing it will generate!!Jonathon Spencer failed to mention anything about how is this Profits Now software is going to generate winning signals, nothing about the trading system itself was explained through out the presentation video. This flaw is completely unacceptable for us and we have the right to get at least an explanation of how this truly works before we invest our hard earned money. Transparent and fully-working signals trading software always demonstrate how the algorithms produces ITM signals. For example, Trade Forecast is simple but honest when it comes to their performance rather than just claiming it makes thousands of dollars without no real insight of how it functions.

This Profits Now scam also has no real endorsements from any authority website in the binary options industry, which only leads to disapproval from guys we trust and just tells us that they also didn’t find anything good about this trading app. Jonathon Spence is apparently a ghost, no information about him was ever found in the search engines, only a professor who specialized in Chinese History. You would expect this developer to have a LinkedIn Profile or a Facebook account but none was ever found. Very strange since most legit trading softwares have verifiable information out there.

Profits Now doesn't work due to the fake review they have on their website
                               Visit her on Fiverr, this is a Fake Testimonial!!

This Profits Now Review could of been positive if we hadn’t encounter so many deceptive tactics, a series of testimonials were presented in the website, all of them were paid to lie on camera. Those actors can be found in Fiverr, the Lady that you see above in the picture is a girl who practically does anything for a couple of dollars. Which shows that this Profits Now app is willing to do anything for the sake of manipulating traders into depositing with their fraudulent software. It’s a deceitfully way to promote such product and we urge you to watch out for fake reviews like the one this girl did.

All these bad qualities leads to one conclusion, The Profits Now software is only here to scam people and leave you empty handed. This is not in anyway going to help you raise your account in any way, it’s designed to lose your money so there is absolute no chance on you ever making 40,000 dollars with this software. Jonathon Spencer is deceptive individual that should be put behind bars for what he’s done. You can try telling him that at but we doubt they’ll answer since we sent them an email 4 days ago and haven’t got a reply.Profits Now is a SCAM!!

Our final verdict will remain, Profits Now is a SCAM!! Avoid this software and anything that involves Jonathon Spencer. If you really desire a trusted and recommended signals service, you can try out Trade Forecast or visit our signals page for more options. Thank you for reading our Scam review, trade safe and Good Luck!!

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