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Quantum Code Scam
Quantum Code scam review

This viral automated software has been promoted as one of the best trading systems in the market, Patrol is here to debunk that lame idea and explain to you why everything promoted on the TheQuantumCode.net are lies! Michael Crawford, the CEO of this trading system says that anyone who uses his auto trader will make profits guaranteed, even though this individual does not come off as credible or in any way honest, people still seem to deposit their hard earned money with this scam. In this Quantum Code Review, details and techniques are going to be exposed showing the real truth about the so-called “Holy Grail” app.

What really stopped us from ever considering this trading software legit was the lack of quality and uniqueness this app represents, it looks exactly as the previous 20 frauds we’ve reviewed. But nevertheless, people still don’t know how to identify scams so here it is. Why would you ever trust Michael Crawford and his sugar-coated promises? Have you seen his work before? Do a lot of bloggers or channels endorse him? Has he been mentioned in a reputable news portal? The answer is no to all those questions so why should we believe his idiotic ideas, because he said so? No! There are too many scammers in the binary options industry and we cannot let this type of cheesy promises fool us.

Quantum Code fails to deliver!

So, maybe the owner itself is not very trustworthy but maybe the trading software isn’t that bad right? Well, depends on what you define as bad because if losing 60 percent of your account balance in 4 days isn’t bad, we don’t know what is! Emails from victims were clearly stated in bold letters that it did not work, we waited for more confirmation since maybe it was a technical error but we were surprised that Quantum Code was also failing to another large sum of individuals, blog comments and reviews from trusted channel stated that it did not come even a little close to the winning rate that was promised on the TheQuantumCode.net scam site, this obviously proves that this trading software is failing intentionally.

Why would such highly praised software be failing this badly? Well, you could have had strong indications that it was a scam if you considered their scammy sales tactics. Like what’s up with the 20 spots left? the Quantum Code software has been opened to the public for nearly a week now and the countdown still remains the same, just another pressure technique to make you invest with them a lot faster. This sort of sales maneuvers are easily found in most common binary options scams. This clearly implements a lot of things that would make the most legitimate trading service questionable. If the so-called system is so bullet proof and profitable, why are they providing such poor results and dirty practices, this is no quality of a trustworthy system.

In depth analysis of the TheQuantumCode.net software review

So, after an extensive research on this foolish money making scheme, we decide to actually mentioned another key point in this service that makes it an assured failure. Michael Crawford keeps on mentioning that there is no auto trader in the market like this one, he says that it uses the most modern and innovative piece of technology that distinguishes it from the competitors in terms of accuracy and consistency. We hate breaking the sad news to you but there are no unique algorithms in this software, everything they’ve claimed as revolutionary and unique has been implemented before. This theory of copying other trader’s trades is not in any way better than other type of trading methods, the reason for that is because the Michael Crawford crook says that it copies it before the actual signal has been placed in the trader’s account. Therefore it gives it an advantage of milliseconds and therefore it will most likely “win”. Have you ever consider that the signal the trader was going to place would have come out as a losing trade? So placing the trade before him makes no difference since the outcome is going to remain the safe. There are a lot of flaws in such method but none of them are truly consider in the Quantum Code scam.

Highlights of the Quantum Code Review

  • Poor explanation on why this trading software is unique and profitable, this looks and sounds the same as previous online trading frauds.
  • Michael Crawford is not a trusted trader but rather a blacklisted individual who many blogs clearly mark as dangerous and someone to stay away from.
  • Winning percentage doesn’t go anywhere above 69% ITM, this is incredibly poor and quite laughable since there are existing apps in the market that do a lot better than that.
  • This trading scam simply does not deliver, simple as that!

Verdict on the Quantum Code Scam

So after a deep analysis and discussion about this auto trader, we have reached the conclusion that this software is simply not worth your time and money, there a much better alternatives out there and this just doesn’t show any unique qualities that would make us even consider them to be an okay option, we have reviewed services and softwares for nearly 4 years now and we cannot be more sure about this scam, that is why our final verdict on this app is that it can’t be trusted!

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If you are really looking to make decent amount of profits with a realistic goal that can be achieved, you might want to start looking for alternatives that don’t lie to your face and give lame excuses on how their app functions. You can try out the Neo2 App, the people behind  it are actually approved individuals who have gather large amount of likings in the trading community for their innovative work in algorithm based trading, these people have actually invested large sums of money to make their system the best and consistent app there is, their trading platform is quite straightforward so any experienced or rookie trader can use it, they offer great customer support 24/7 so feel free to visit their site any time. Thank you for reading our Quantum Code Review!

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