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Quick Cash Method Review

Ladies and gentleman, another convincing scam has been launched into the binary options market. The Quick Cash Method scam is one of those fraudulent services that try to be unique by bashing on other existing services. Michael Thompson, the owner of quickcashmethod.net is promising lots of money to anyone who uses his so called system, even though he provides no real information on how he is going to achieve it, trader still seems to fall for it. In our Quick Cash Method Review, we are going to show you why this money-making scheme won’t work for you, this is not what you think it is and the sooner you know, the better!

The first thing you will hear from Michael Thompson is “I’m going to give you a lot of money” how unscammy of him to say that right? Then he goes on and on for nearly 20 minutes of why he is not a scam. Funny thing is that he claims himself as exceptional binary options trader with lots of experience, even though there is not a shred of evidence that supports such promises, he still seems to be confident about it. Anyway, we did do further research on this individual to give him a chance of showing credibility and trustworthiness but no information was ever found, no social media accounts or endorsements anywhere. Seems that Quick Cash Method hasn’t been approved by anyone in the binary options industry and that’s really concerning. If someone is going to be running around guaranteeing a lot of money, might as well have testimonials or positive reviews that show it’s true but no, quickcashmethod.net has none!

Why the Quick Cash Method is a formula to failure!

quickcashmethod.net scam review

Now, not only is the owner of this service shady and suspicious but their own website seems incredibly poor constructed, he emphasizes that there is nothing like his system in the market when there are 25 scams out there that look identical to this trading system. There’s barely any real content within the welcome page, just a logo and the sales video. No about us or contact information is presented, if you try to leave their site and decide to click the “stay” on the page option, you will see the most ridiculous technique to make you stay even longer, a freaking wheel to spin for free “money”. Seriously, how lame can it get? This isn’t bingo, its real trading and they way that they just casually show that kind of game is completely out of context. Everything that is shown on the Quick Cash Method is pretty low in production value. Nothing really seems legit and is quite questionable.

If you have been trading for quite some time now, you will know that trading with a 100% accuracy is impossible. This Michael Thompson assures that no losses will be made with the Quick Cash Method, he repeats that there is no possibility that he will give you a losing signal. That is complete bullcrap and if you ask any experienced trader, he or she will tell you that it can’t be done. If the market was that predictable, everyone in the entire world would be trading but seems it’s not like that and a lot of people lose money, it’s not that convincing. Don’t get us wrong, you can make outstanding earnings with even 77 percent but obtaining 100 or even 90 percent in the run simply can’t be done. That is why we believe that quickcashmethod.net doesn’t know what it’s talking about and is rather mentioning that to bring in rookie traders that are desperate to make money.

Performance and trading results of the quickcashmethod.ne scam

Now, to be fair Michael Thompson did show us the software and how it works but it doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed or in any way unique. That theory of copying someone else’s trade is not new and has been shared by many online services. But the real trick is to make the signals consistent and profitable. The Quick Cash Method signals are in no way good and don’t come close to anything they guaranteed on their introduction video, they mentioned…. actually, they promised that this will make no losing trades whatsoever but his software doesn’t even generate 70 percent ITM. Comments and opinions found on blogs and forums confirmed that they lost their whole trading account within 4 days which is completely ridiculous!

Synopsis of the Quick Cash Method review

  • Michael Thompson is a joke, promises decent amount of winning signals when his signals doesn’t even come close to 69 percent ITM.
  • This binary options software is rather blacklisted than approved in many authority channels and blogs.
  • This system lacks substance and content which is probable one of the main reasons it doesn’t work.
  • No contact information is presented, they are probably not motivated to answer any of their member’s concerns which is a big problem to people who need help and assistance.

Verdict on the Quick Cash Method Review

Scam Review
Review Scam

Nothing on this trading service seems legitimate, there’s nothing worth considering in this review that will make any of our visitors want to subscribe to them. They can at least email us and provide us further evidence on why their app works but until then, they remain a very suspicious and scammny service. We try to look at things with the most positive perspective but this system seriously lacks authenticity, features and performance, that is why we have decide that Quick Cash Method is not trusted!

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