The Referral Project is a SCAM!

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The Referral Project is a bogus system that will leave your pockets empty! This is in fact an elaborate scheme to leave ever single trader without money because according to our evidence and feedback, it does not deliver anything good! software is claiming to make no lower than 1,035 dollars a day, Evan Baker said that this same app made him a millionaire without any hard work, if there is anything that is certain about this trading software is complete failure! That’s why we urge every visitor out there to pay attention to The Referral Project Scam Review because it might save you from making the biggest mistake of your life. First of all, this so called formula to success does not look legitimate at all, their home page and overall production seems unbelievably poor and by the looks of it, they did not invest more than 60 dollars in their website production. Remember, system has generate thousands of dollars to beta testers all over the world (it’s of course a lie) so spending a few hundred bucks on creating a user-friendly site shouldn’t be a big deal at all! Evan Baker is also very secretive about the so-called system that he promotes, even though the overall idea seems to simplistic, it’s not what you really think it is because if it were true, everybody in the binary options industry would be millionaires.

Why people need to avoid Evan Baker and his lame software!

Even though Evan Baker might look like he’s a down to earth guy who is “trying” to help you, remember, you do not know a single thing about him or The Referral Project scam. There are literally hundreds of crooks out there saying the exact same thing this auto trader is promising, nothing unique here. So the only way to verify it’s true profitability is by receiving true and authentic evidence on it’s mechanism. Which by the way this system failed miserably because the only thing that can be understood through out their introduction video is lots of money, fast wealth, dream vacation and other whatnot that has nothing to do with The Referral Project software. But the characteristic that this scam has that really helped us determine this review was their stupid algorithm. It mentions something about 35 dollars daily in to your broker account, there is no such thing and the only way to really earn that kind of money is to be an affiliate and by the looks of it, he’s just a trader.

Even though there are some valid key points in their sales video, the rest of the explanation is very much pointless. This is online trading but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or somehow more safer, you can still lose your entire capital if you don’t invest wisely. We’ve seen traders empty their broker account in a matter of days for not using proper money management skills. So when The Referral Project comes here saying foolish statements like 108K a month, we find it really hard to believe since no trader without any experience can really achieve such financial level. The most consistent systems out there can only manage 80 to 83 percent ITM, which means that it should provide a steady growth in capital but not an immediate up-rise of up to 200% of the actual capital, it simply can’t be done because that would mean the markets are “easy” to trade and if it worked even CLOSELY as what Evan Baker wants you to think, everybody in the entire WORLD would be using site.

Overall idea of the The Referral Project Review

  1. Poor demonstration of how it works, no mentions of how the system is going to deliver consistent results of over 90 Percent ITM.
  2. Evan Baker is a deceptive individual who has no idea on how binary options really work since he’s promising and claiming that his “holy grail” system can produce a total of 100,000 thousand dollars a month.
  3. is inactive, we mentioned all these exposed details on their inbox and not one reply was ever received from their support team.
  4. Review found on their own home page insinuates you need no experience in trading when it’s mandatory to achieve some sort of success in online trading.

The Referral Project Performance Review: Well, besides their marketing been incredibly deceitful, found out that their results are humiliating. Instead of growing people’s trading accounts, it’s actually decreasing it and completely wiping it in a couple of days, no more than 5 days to be exact. This is very “strange” since the owner of this system guaranteed this is complete safe and bullet-proofed, this is the cold reality about, this is what will happen if you decide to invest your hard-earned dollars so please take that into account because it’s trading performance is absolutely laughable!

Final Discussion on The Referral Project Scam
System Review
Software Review Scam

Our final thoughts on this review is pretty clear, we see no qualities worth wasting your time and money. This is seriously a very bad choice of a signals service because this in no way will ever bring you the results you search for. That’s why patrol has decided to end this review here and say that is a bogus system!

BinaDroid Scam Review

If you are actually looking for something that works and brings decent results, you can check out the Binadroid software. It relies on fully working algorithms that detects early forming trends and overall market sentiment of a specific asset. It’s incredibly sophisticated but user-friendly for any level of trader experience, please feel free to check that out, just avoid this scam and trade safely!

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