Safe Cash is a Bogus SCAM!

Safe Cash
Safe Cash Review Scam

Another fraudulent money-making scheme has been released, the Safe Cash System is another of those gimmicks that will try to manipulate you into thinking they are the key to success in your financial freedom. We are here to warn and tell you that by Dr. Richard Carrier is dangerous, we have reasons to believe that the owners of this so called service is only here to steal your money and leave you empty-handed. Enough evidence has been collected from visitors and our own experience to tell you that it’s indeed a fraud, please pay close attention to our Safe Cash Review because it might save you from making the biggest mistake of your life.

So the first thing you’ll notice about the Safe cash site is that the spokesman/CEO of this trading software doesn’t even bother to show his face. Are you seriously going to believe this fool when he can’t even say the truth to your face?! Like seriously, isn’t this auto trader making thousands of people break free from any debts and obligations, Dr. Richard Carrier should not be afraid to expose himself unless he’s actually stealing money from victims. So the answer is pretty clear on why he is hiding his true identity from the Safe Cash scam. But that’s not all the shady tactics we found on their binary options service, it’s only the beginning.

Incredibly deceitful when it comes to branding!

Safe Cash software
Safe Cash Review Scam

But the lies don’t stop there, we also discovered on the scam site that Dr. Richard Carrier is purchasing paid testimonials to manipulate visitors into thinking that their trading software works when it really doesn’t. All those short clips shown on the introduction video saying thank for such an amazing opportunity and other whatnot, it’s all lies and you can verify that if you simply visit Why in the world would the marketing team of the Safe Cash software do that? It’s pretty obvious, it doesn’t work! Because if it did then people would naturally send those out to them and there would no need to be wasting money on paid reviews. Since no trader with the right mind would ever recommend something that is draining their profits away, that’s why those certain measures had to be applied.

This type of marketing is commonly found in the average binary options scam, they way used those videos to confuse traders is a common staple in every scam out there. That’s why no legitimate and trustworthy system would ever do such faul practice because it’s indeed a big insult to our faces, us people who needs the truth in order to really believe that such software can generate such results. Not to mention that the entire production is insanely low, a very bland website with a voice over video cost no more than 200 bucks, Patrol can literally mention 60 better scams out there that do a more convincing job than this garbage so please don’t think that the Safe Cash Review done by Dr. Richard Carrier is in any way correct. Software and it’s features

Well, if you were to go back to their sales video and pay close attention, you would notice that this idiot only keeps on mentioning on how life can be so great and all other non sense that has nothing to do with the software itself, he seems more like a sales person than the owner of a trading app to us. But yeah, that’s all he pretty much does in the entire video, just saying things that will make you drool over their so-called holy grail but when it comes to mentioning on how it functions, no answer is ever given. Which leads to the conclusion that the Safe Cash Scam offer nothing but a semi decent introduction video with a hollow trading app that offers nothing but losing trades.

ITM Results of the Scam

“Whatever man but if it produces good results, who gives a damn about Dr. Richard Carrier or how the welcome video is presented” Well bad news ladies and gentleman, this goofball also doesn’t deliver anything close to what they promised. According to the developer of this app, this turned his 250 dollar investment into a 240,000 dollar fortune, but the funny thing is that neither traders or beta testers are actually nailing those kind of profits. In fact, in our research we found out that many traders were actually emptying their account balance in a matter of 4 days, not increasing it but decreasing which just sums up what this Safe Cash software is all about.

Final Verdict on the Safe Cash Review Dr. Richard Carrier Dr. Richard Carrier Review

So yeah, that’s our final analysis on this app review, way too many undesirable qualities were found on their trading software. Money is never easy to earn and quite frankly, it’s not worth the risk when there are hundreds of better trading systems in the market. This offers nothing unique in particular and is blacklisted in countless of authority sites for its low performance. That is why our final thoughts on this scam review is that Safe Cash is not trusted!

But in case you are searching for something that truly works and doesn’t lie about its trading performance, you can try out the Neo2 Software. It’s the most up to date system that implements the newest type of trading technology in the market, it also has a collaboration of one the most trusted mentors out there, Michael Freeman. We’re having great success with it and so our subscribers, please feel free to check that out because it’s indeed a unique opportunity that you can’t miss! Comment bellow for any questions on the Safe Cash Scam Review.

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