Sarah’s Confession SCAM REVIEW! SLX System is Garbage!!

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Today we are going to review Sarah’s Confession and the SLX system, this is a very hyped auto-trader that really needs an accurate review. We have read other scam reviews endorsing this trading software but they have failed to mention all the deceptive tactics that the website uses. We will be exposing this software to our visitors due to the horrible feedback we received from them, now that we did an analysis on this trading software, we now get why such signals service would fail. This is incredibly deceitful for new binary options traders and we would like others to stay alerted because this might fool even the average trader.

The Sarah’s Confession presentation video starts with a lady saying that she will help you make from 10,000 to 60,000 dollars a day if you pay attention to the entire pitch video. Of course, who wouldn’t like that kind of money but the truth is that Sarah is not going to pay you a single penny because this is a SCAM that has the only purpose of stealing your hard earned cash. The rest of introduction is just her saying how well she’s been doing with the SLX System and how she goes shopping everyday. Notice that she never mentions how SLX system functions?? Very common in binary options scams.

Sarah’s Confession failed to demonstrate how SLX System works

Sarah's Confession is a Liar, therfore everything she says is a SCAM!!

We saw that Sarah’s Confession completely failed to explain or demonstrate how the SLX system work. Patrol only hear non stop sentences about how much money it generates and how easy it is to do it. Well, a little explanation wouldn’t kill anybody because SLX System must have an outstanding algorithm to produce such results. The way Sarah explained the SLX system just sounds like there isn’t one, most profitable signal services always tend to demonstrate how their trading system works. We can’t take for granted some stranger’s words when there are hundreds of Scam Artists willing to do anything to get their hands on our money.

A very annoying pop up windows always came up with a request of providing our emails, we said no but frankly that didn’t stop them from constantly begging for our emails. This is very normal for most money making schemes out there, they like to obtain emails so they can bombard them with fraudulent products and services. Sarah’s confession developer was also nowhere to be seen, this Jason Strauss guy was not found in Facebook nor LinkedIn, it looks like a made up character designed to manipulate you into thinking that there is someone professional that created the SLX System. Too bad that Jason Strauss forgot about real binary options communities that don’t fall for such lame systems like Saran’s Confession owners would like you to think.

SLX System does not work!! Sarah’s Confession can’t be trusted!!

Sarah is lying to all of us, she's an actor from fiverr!!

Besides the very unrealistic claims that Sarah’s Confession say about the SLX System, the spokeswoman is a Fiverr actor, which means that the words that cam out from that mouth are complete and deceptive lies!! Everything she mentioned about the SLX system are false. There is no profitable trading software, there never was!! Why would she offer you such an amazing offer if she works for only a couple of dollars? Doesn’t that tell you that she was just paid to lie on camera and make you think that this is a one in a life time opportunity??

 Sarah’s Confession displays fake testimonials!!

Sarah's Confession is using Fiverr Actors!!

Besides the fact that the main face of SLX System is a cheap actor from Fiverr, their testimonials are also bought!! There is not a single legitimate characteristic about this trading software. Everything shared and showcased on the website is either purchased or fake!! can you really trust your earnings with such a deceptive binary options product like the Jason Strauss software?? Every single quality that we find in the everyday scam, this bogus trading system seems to obtain it. Their customer support is also unavailable, support email seems to be inactive or just not responding to emails that ask for real results, we simply asked them if they had a short video showing how Jason Strauss software generates all those winning signals, very dodgy of them…

Sarah’s Confession and the SLX System are SCAMS!!

There is no other way to conclude this scam review, we have found too many bad practices on their website, besides having a bad reputation with authority blogs. We would like to say that Jason Strauss system doesn’t work and that Sarah’s Confession and the SLX system are both SCAMS!! Please stay away from this fraudulent system because they will take steal your money.Sarah's Confession and The SLX System is a SCAM!!

We’ve seen many other profitable signal services like Virtnext that doesn’t have any of these deceptive tactics and the great thing about them is that they are very profitable and don’t lie when it comes to their ITM results. If you are looking for alternative options, please visit our Binary Options Signals list. Thank you for reading our Scam Review, we hope to see you again and good luck!!

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