Secret To Success Scam Review!! AVOID THIS GARBAGE!!

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Today we are going to review the Secret To Success Trading software, lots of binary options systems have been released and you might be wondering if this service is legit. Timothy Galvaky, the culprit behind this Secret To Success scam says that you can earn up to 5,000 dollars in  just 1 day, can this admirable result be true or another outrageous lie? We have reasons to believe that this signals service is just another money making scheme that is after your hard earned money. You might be really interested into joining this signals service but before you do, please read this scam review.

On the website, you can find endorsements badges from CNN and BBC but if you look for such evidence that they were ever recognized by such websites, you will not find any indications that they were really promoted by such authority blogs. This tells us that their target is to manipulate traders into thinking that they are somewhat legitimate or a big company in this industry, such practices can be found in common binary options scams which is never a good sign. Another fun fact to mention is that this is also not marketed in any other financial websites like they mention on their pitch page.

Can the Secret To Success software be trusted?

Timothy Galvaky from Secret to Success are SCAMS!!


Due to many other deceptive tactics we found on the website, we can not recommend that this trading software is legit. Timothy Galvaki is showing no signs social activity, no LinkedIn Profile or Facebook account can be found anywhere on the search engines. Which can lead to the possibility that he is a made up character for the sake of transparency. The profile picture that they portrait in the Secret To Success Scam is also a fake picture gathered from , that is not Timothy Galvaki but rather a picture that sells itself for a couple of dollars.

Why would Timothy Galvaki hide his face? If this is a truly a once in a life time opportunity, why is he hiding his identity like the common Scam Artist, not to mention the various of other photos that he also used from other online sources. This is very shady of him because we usually see on trustworthy signals services that they never lie about their representatives or technology companies but it seems that this individual that does not care to lie in order to get more traders join his pyramid scheme.

Does the Secret To Success System Work?

There is absolutely no information on how this trading software works, Timothy Galvaki made no mentions on how such signals service is going to generate all those winning signals, he apparently says that if any trader where to make a losing trade. His company would cover up that lose and fully pay back the money, something that is completely absurd unless their goal is to go bankrupt. The Secret To Success System looks like it doesn’t work at all since it doesn’t use any legitimate trading algorithms, that refers to reading chart patterns or been able to comprehend fundamental analysis but we somehow believe that this fraud has no intentions on making you any profits at all.

Secret To Success Results

We have not seen any results from traders, at least real results because the ones we found on the search engines looked quite generic and spammy. They all came from dodgy sites and forums that were related to promoting pyramid schemes. You usually find real results on videos or from binary options communities but none we ever found. Patrol tried to contact them via Customer Support and we got no answer from, we simply asked for results…. by the looks of it, that’s too much to ask.

Conclusion on the Secret To Success Review

Secret To is a SCAM!

We have reached a conclusion on our scam review and our final verdict is that  Secret To Success Software is a Scam!! Too much lack of information and we can honestly say that there are hundreds of better looking scams that looked way more convincing than this garbage they called “profitable software”. We recommend you to stay as far as possible from anything that Timothy Galvaki promotes because if you invest in this, you will lose your money!!

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