Simple Profits is a SCAM!!

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Another filthy binary options scam has been launched, the Simple Profits App Scam is a fully automated software that is supped to earn you thousands of dollars without any efforts. A few dodgy websites are promoting this garbage but the real truth is that this is not a profitable trading system and we urge you to stay away from this money making scheme as far as possible. The reason to such accusation is due to the many deceptive tactics they’ve used on the website. Such tactics gives an indication if the signals service is a profitable one or a losing one!!

This Simple Profits Review is going to be quite negative due to the lack of information this fraud has, their entire website is cheaply  constructed which Scam Artist tend to do to speed up the process of manipulating traders to fall for their frauds. The presentation video is absolutely hideous and can be done with basic PowerPoint, the reason why we are so picky on it’s appearance is because profitable signals services usually present good welcome pages showing professionalism and dedication, this Simple Profits Scam shows no signs of it…

Can the Simple Profits App be trusted?

Simple Profits App is a SCAM!!

We have no information on the developer or the spokes man of the website, such important details are crucial to identify legitimate developers and technology companies but Simple Profits Scam is rather busy showing off how it can make a millionaire overnight. This scam makes no mention on the background of the developer which makes it really hard to believe someone can elaborate such profitable system. Rich people aren’t made overnight and this scam seriously think it’s easy as pie, this trading app looks like it was build for the purpose to scam you since manipulative tactics where discovered like the classic join now or you’ll forever miss this chance widget.

If you browse around and come back a week or 3 weeks after, this offer will still be available to the public. We’ve reviewed hundreds of binary options scams and this Simple Profits Software looks exactly like one of those. We also have no clue on the trading app’s algorithm. How is it going to maintain to the everyday changing market, that simple answer on just clicking here and there is not enough!! If it were that easy, everyone would be trading but it’s not like that so please try to understand that!!

Simple Profits App Results

Simple Profits Testimonials are fake!!

The results are not very clear for this signals service, you might expect 50 to 60 percent since this software is meant to lose your money. It has nothing to do with the video but rather from the feedback we received from various trading communities.  We recommend you to watch out for such claims because they can easily fool you if you are in real need. Such results like the spokesman wants you to believe can only be achieved with profitable signals services but this has no connection to making money at all, we can guaranteed that!!

You can also witness on the second page of the website, that two individuals are sharing their results with the Simple Profits App but if you analyse this a lot more, you can see that those profile pictures are copied from the search engines which means they are not real but rather made up by the scam artist. This are not the qualities a profitable signals services has, there are hundreds of more convincing scams that can do a better job than this so please don’t think that the Simple Profits Scam is legitimate.

Conclusion on the Simple Profits Review

We have gone through many of their flaws and found nothing admirable or distinguish about this trading system, our final verdict is that the Simple Profits App is a SCAM!! If you are really interested in trading with legit and trustworthy signals services. Please visit our Trusted Signals List for more information or you can try out Virtnext, a top recommended system by many traders!! Thank you for reading our Scam Review and Good Luck!!

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