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Social Trader Review
Social Trader Review Scam

We don’t rest at all! Another money-making scheme has been released, the Social Trader Scam is another fraudulent trading software you must avoid if you wish to keep trading profitably. Recent discovery on the scam site has lead us to believe that Jonathan Cooper is purposely making traders lose their money. Something we cannot tolerate and must be addressed, In this Social Trader Scam Review, Patrol will be exposing the many different shady tactics Jonathan Cooper used in order to get traders attention, please read this critical acclaimed review to avoid any scams in the future!

The scam website is fairly new and blacklisted reviews are already appearing on the search engines, every single scam review out there states that the Social Trader Scam is wiping trader’s account in a matter of 4 days only! Such results and performance can be expected when you take a closer look at this auto trader. Jonathan Cooper doesn’t have any reputation or a follower base in the binary options industry, a reason which make us think he’s a made up character to follow his  lame sales story. Scam is also been promoted on sites that have the tendency to endorsed frauds online so this might be more than just a regular scam.

In depth analysis of the Social Trader Scam Review

Social Trader Review Scam Scam Review

At first sight, Jonathan Cooper might seem like a trustworthy and credible guy but the sad truth about these kind of people is that you really can’t trust them without real evidence. Are you going to believe Jonathan Cooper because he says that the scam is 100% bulletproof? No! We’ve come by people who will do and say anything to steal your money. Actually, this deceptive individual is one of them, if you keep watching his dodgy sales video, you’ll see a series of testimonials in which they imply that they’ve had huge success in trading with this auto trader. But did you know that the Social Trader Scam purchased those fake reviews? That’s correct, Jonathan Cooper paid people to lie on camera and say things are simply not true, there’s an online marketplace called in which people can be hired to promote things as low as 5 or 10 dollars!! That would translate to been a manipulative service in which they prove with these actions that they’re willing to do anything for your money!

Does the Social Trader Scam really work?

The second most worrying factor about this auto trader is the algorithm itself, the developer failed to mention how this software generates all those winning signals. Surely the scam app must have an outstanding trading pattern recognition to pull off all of those profitable trades. But it looks like there’s none since the crook failed to mention any part of it. A full working app usually tends to have a tested feature like technical analysis or chart pattern pre-installed so future trades can be picked more wisely. Since these has none, it would explain the low trading results and awful performance by the scam. Performance and Results Review

Since this system has the words social and trader, you could imagine that copying from traders around the world could significantly increase your potential of earning more ITM Signals but no, This App failed to generate any good results in which it lead to hundreds of traders losing their entire investment. Such outcomes correlate to the very undeveloped software, the reason why top performing auto traders have such good performance is due to their precise algorithms that integrates modern trading techniques like super fast computers that allow such system to take in lots of information to analyse the markets more efficiently and rapidly. This system failed to do any of the following features, that’s why their results and performance is amazingly low!

Summary of the Review

  • Jonathan Cooper is a manipulative trader who obtains paid reviews from shady online sources.
  • None of them statements guaranteed by Jonathan Cooper were accomplished.
  • Traders and communities are complaining that the Social Trader Scam is emptying their trading account in less than 4 days of using the system.
  • is not active, we’ve sent them various messages and emails regarding the results and performance of the App but no response was ever received!
  • Trading results and performance range from 60 to 63 percent which will not yield any growth in your capital but will rather decrease it overtime until it’s left with a big fat zero!
  • It’s a binary options scam, it does not work!

Verdict on the Social Trader Review

Social Trader Scam Review
Social Trader Scam Review represents every scam out there, it has no real value or anything special which might make them somehow unique. This is a cheap production that Jonathan Cooper constructed to steal from those rookie beginners in the binary options world, any experience trader in the field of professional trading would easily identify this system as a fraud. That’s why we would like to conclude our scam review and say that the Social Trader Software is a fraudulent service you must avoid!! We’re sorry if you are disappointed on our thoughts but we can guarantee that if you invest your hard-earned money with this software, you will lose every single penny of it!

Please avoid the scam, if trading with a fully working system is really your desire goal, you can check out our binary options signals list for more information, our top performing system of 2016 is the Copy Buffett Software, it uses legitimate trading techniques that well know investors use to consistently profit from the complex markets, it’s traders favorite right now so please feel free to read our full Copy Buffett review. Thank you for reading our Social Trader Scam review and Good Luck!!

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