Spectre System is a SCAM!!

Today we will be reviewing the Spectre System scam software. Patrick Quinn, the person behind all this non-sense claims  that this is a revolutionary auto trader in the binary options industry, no other trading software can be as efficient as this Spectre System he says. We will go through every key point on their website and give you our own personal thoughts on this trading software. Patrol has reviewed a vast majority of binary options scams in the past and quite frankly, this ain’t any different!! You might fall for Patrick Quinn’s pep talk but all he says are lies and unrealistic claims due to the following reason.

You would expect from such a well constructed auto trader like Spectre System to have a background on its technology companies name or any real evidence that any company invested in such software. Patrick Quinn fails to mention anything about that and just keeps on rambling on how much money he has and that you can make thousands of dollars with just a few clicks. We highly think that it’s manipulate to keep hidden the developer’s information, another reason why Spectre System don’t mention it is because no companies invested in it and it was made for the only purpose of scamming traders.
Patrick Quinn from Spectre System is a fraud, he is not a real binary options trader!!

On Spectresystem.net, we also did a full background check on Patrick Quinn and found no relation of him ever trading binary options, you can search for him yourself and you will not find any Facebook Profile, Linkedin, Twitter account, Nada!! Looks like it’s a made up character for sales purposes only. The whole presentation video seems like a commercial, the fellow here just constantly repeats how miserable and broke he was but we don’t know if that’s true. If you listen closely, you will notice that it’s a sales tactic in which they try to make you feel sorry for him and make him more credible to the victim’s eyes. The photos of his new car seems like a picture he grabbed from google images, look closely and you will find it!!

Another issue that we have with Spectre System is that they didn’t mention how this software really functions, not a single clue was given to us on how it generates big time profits every day. We can’t take for granted your words Patrick Quinn, real and legitimate trading softwares explain and demonstrates the auto traders capabilities. Does the algorithm work based on previous patterns, news releases or candlestick formations?? Absolutely nothing was explained regarding the Spectre System, only smooth talk of how amazing it works. But still, this is not enough information to declare it a scam but hold on, we are getting there.

This is Valeriya from Fiverr, she sells fake testimonials for as low as 5 dollarsSpectre System is buying fake testimonials on Fiverr

Spectresystem.net uses purchased testimonials, that’s right!! Spectre System pays actors from Fiverr to lie on camera. This is not in any way difficult and can be done with just 5 dollars. Why would she sell gigs for a couple of dollars if she’s generating thousands of dollars with Spectre System?? Because it doesn’t work and Patrick Quinn needs these deceptive reviews in order to fool people into his money-making scheme. No logical person would ever recommend this trading software since it’s a scam, that’s why purchased they order pretty girls to lie on camera, it doesn’t work!! The remaining testimonials were also payed actors from Fiverr, this is just another common characteristic most binary options scam have.

Fake Traders, Spectre System is using images from the internet to use as bait!!

We thought that this trading software impressed us when we saw that they had a group of skillful trader but found to realize that those images were taken from the internet. Patrick Quinn simply google a couple of pictures and pasted it on his website to make it appear as he has a group of experienced traders. Why would Spectre System uses such manipulative practices to fool us?? This individual is very deceptive and no real back-tested and proven software will do such thing because it’s not necessary. If the software is good and performs well, the word will eventually spread but since it’s a bogus and fraudulent auto-trader, no one will do such thing!! We also tried to contact support@spectresystem.net and got no answered, support is always need it and this Spectre System scam failed to accomplish that!!

Spectre System is a SCAM!!

The final conclusion will still remain… Spectre System is a scam and a fraudulent trading system,  Patrick Quinn is a deceptive individual that should be ignored at all cost. Too many deceptive tactics and lies were found on their pitch page. A fully working and high performance software will never implement such practices because they know it’s not the qualities traders are looking for in a profitable auto trader. We recommend you to check our trusted signals page and choose back-tested and trader approved services that can you join and start profiting as of right now! Why go with this Spectre System scam when you can join other signals services. If you’re also looking for regulated and transparent brokers, you can also visit our recommended list and check that out!!

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