Star Wars Binary Bot SCAM!! PURE GARBAGE!!

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One day left until 2015 ends and the most idiotic scam has been released, The Star Wars Binary Bot Software is a binary options software that uses intergalactic science whatnot in order to predict future price movements. Allen Vader, the culprit behind this fraudulent trading software says that he has found the secret that Warren Buffet and the rich guys use to make thousands of dollars, according to what we perceived through his hilarious introduction video, there’s something called the Dark Pool and the Dark Light that could create the possibility to generate us amazing results within a short period of time. This Allen Vader claims that the Star Wars Binary Bot Scam is able to make anyone a vast load of ITMs without any experience.

But First… Why would this deceptive individual name his auto trader after a franchise of movies?? We believe that Allen Vader wants to capitalize on the very successful movie relaunch on this series, you can find the new Star Wars movie on theaters right now. It’s funny to even think that someone would named a trading software “The Star Wars Binary Bot Scam”. Please do not even consider that this might be legit because it’s not!! This fool tried to manipulate you with fancy words in order to convince you that the Dark Pool or the Dark Light has anything to do with binary options. We have never heard so much nonsense in a binary options scam before and we are not kidding!!

Is the Star Wars Binary Bot Software legit??

Star Wars Binary Bot is a Joke!!

Absolutely not!! Are you really going to believe someone that calls themselves “Allen Vader”, this guys is a serious nutjob, he can be a comedian pulling the most deceptive joke for all we know. All the things that he said about the Darkpool and Darklight is all trash!! The big guys in wallet street don’t have a secret, they use hardcore fundamental analysis and chart patterns to predict future price movements, something that is very difficult to fully understand but if you get the hang of it, it can be very rewarding. The Star Wars Binary Bot Results are not even clear, this scam artist says that when more traders use his trading software, more accurate it becomes?! This is complete and utter rubbish!! This has no connections to the markets whatsoever!

Please take the advice from someone that has reviewed hundreds of automated trading systems, most of the profitable trading softwares are based on real analysis, not some hocos pucos about Galaxies or space dimensions!! The Star Wars Binary Bot Scam only wants you to think that this is the only way to trade binary options, It’s not and we can guarantee that if you invest your money in this scam, you will lose every single dollar of it!! Not one authority website in this industry is endorsing them, what does that tell you?? We’ve explore the Search Engines and found nothing but negative Star Wars Binary Bot Reviews. This Allen Vader needs to learn trading before he says such garbage!!

 Star Wars Binary Bot Review are Fake!!

Star Wars Binary Bot has fake reviews!!

We found a series of reviews on the website which made it appear as if they were a legitimate trading software. But we saw the very common and popular Fiverr actor and decided to take our thoughts back, this Clone N100 is lying, he was paid to lie on camera because Allen Vader knows that no one in their right mind would ever give a positive review on the Star Wars Binary Bot Scam. You can check out his gigs and verify that he is an actor, his name is marketingxpert5 and he sells fake reviews for 5 dollars!! Nothing on the website is real or credible. This non sense just makes us sad to see that people would fall for such lame scams like the one Allen Vader is promoting.

Are the Star Wars Binary Bot Results true?? No, they are easily edited with a digital software and can be easily branded as their results. This Scam Artist didn’t even bother to show a live trading video to actually prove that his trading system works and is fully functional. We can’t take for granted someone’s words in this industry, we’ve seen people do unspeakable things in order to trader’s hard earned money so please don’t take for granted what the Star Wars Bot Scam says.

Conclusion on the Star Wars Binary Bot Review

This trading software is pathetic, there a thousand scams more convincing than this fraudulent trading software. We just saw too many unrealistic claims and lack of information that lead us to believe that this is not profitable. Patrol would like to conclude this Scam Review and state that the Star Wars Binary Bot is a SCAM!! Please avoid anything that is promoted on the website, Allen Vader is a deceptive individual that needs to be behind bars. Their customer support is not even active, we’ve sent many emails to and have not received any replies.

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