Stark Trading System Scam Review! I’m CRYING For My MONEY!!

Today we are reviewing the Stark Trading System, a fully automated binary options software that is capable of generating thousands of dollars every day. At least what Richard Paul says… But the important question is… Is the Stark Trading System App really a profitable auto-trader to trade with or another money-making scheme that will leave your bank account with a clean zero!? Patrol is sorry to announce that Richard Paul and the website are both Scams!! In this scam review, we will expose every sneaky and deceptive tactic this signals service used in order to attract leads and attention from many binary options communities.

We have over 100 reviews on binary options scams and this quite frankly is not any different, Richard Paul does not sound convincing at all and there’s a 99 percent chance that this will burn your trading account in a matter of hours. Recent feedback from many of our visitors are claiming that’s it not delivering the results Stark Trading System promised, not even close. We examined this a bit closer and found out that such trading results were not a complete surprise based on how the is structure, such outcomes were just plain obvious.

Richard Paul is a deceptive individual!

Richard Paul lies about everything, do not trust it!

If you hear closely to what the spokesman says, you can clearly hear some very average sales techniques that will make you trust him a bit more. The way he mentions somehow is appealing due to its results but nevertheless. Every experienced person in this industry knows that promises and statements can not be trusted in this Niche! We have witness dangerous frauds do unspeakable practices in order to obtain your money. Fake testimonials where people promised and guarantees excellent results can be purchased from Fiverr for as low as 5 dollars!! Therefore everything you hear in the Stark Trading System video can’t be trusted without hard-core evidence.

This is what lacks completely!! No real information is given on this specific trading software. Antonio, the supposed Allie is also a trader that we have no track record of, how can we trust someone we don’t even know!  The Software’s algorithm, a key component that is essential for any auto-trader to profit from the markets is missing. No acknowledgment was made about it, for all we know this trading software could be a gimmick that is made up with decent photo-shopped pictures to make you think it really works. It’s been done a thousand times in previous scams and there’s a high possibility that the Stark Trading System uses the same technique. is blacklisted everywhere!

Not only is this auto-trader a deceiving software but countless of authority blogs are blacklisting this service due to its dreadful performance! Many binary options communities are reporting empty accounts in less than 3 days, that is just a horrible outcome that will lead to no profits, ever!! We are pretty sure that Antonio and Richard are the only ones profiting from this since they are the ones promoting this garbage but other than those two crooks, nobody is really making money with this!! We asked Stark Trading System at to explain the poor trading results but got no answer, which practically is a slap on the face since it’s a very straightforward question that could be easily answered by saying it’s a technical problem or misconfiguration but since Richard and Antonio didn’t even bother to answer, it’s pretty clear that it can’t be solved.

Anyway, who is this Antonio and Richard guy? No Facebook account or LinkedIn profile was ever found. It’s like they’re made up characters for the purpose of creating a silly story that doesn’t really interest anyone but themselves. The Auto-trader that they so much take proud of is really not promoted or talk about it anywhere! Well, at least in a positive way… App has to be developed by a Technology Company that needs to developed a specific trading pattern recognition in order to generate signals but no information was ever found on such company which indicates that this was a poor production that is intended to steal people’s money.

Stark Trading System Results and Performance

Like we mentioned in the beginning of this scam review, traders are wiping their accounts clean with this App. Stark Trading System Results translate to 58 to 63 percent ITM ratio, a trading results that is not profitable in any way and will rather break you even until your capital decreases to nothing. Patrol was not surprised with the performance since all the deceptive indications gave a clue that this was pure Garbage. If people took the time to really think about the details that presented, they could have easily avoided the horrible Stark Trading System Results. Our team also contacted them at regarding this matter but was also replied with silence.

Summary of the Stark Trading System Review

  • is not answering to any basic questions
  • the Rusults and Performance are just laughable, ranging from 58 to 63 percent.
  • Richard Paul and Antonio are ghost, they are not found anywhere, no contact information or credentials anywhere.
  • Traders feedback are low and disappointing.
  • is a Scam, it simply does not work!!

Verdict on the Stark Trading System Review

Stark Trading System Review, it's a SCAM!

Countless of manipulative actions on this App, we really can’t express how low and embarrassing is this system, If you really want to avoid your money from going down the drain. We encourage you to stay away as far as possible from anything that Richard and Antonio promotes, if you invest in this binary options scam, you will lose everything!!

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If you are deeply concentrated and motivated to profit in this niche, you can try out a legitimate signals service like CopyBuffett. A Verified and trustworthy system that many traders recommend and is proven to work on even the most difficult markets. The owner has over 18,000 subscribers in YouTube and is widely recognize in the many trading communities. You can check alternative options at our Trusted Signals Page , just avoid this scam and you should be fine, thank you for reading our scam review!!

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