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Ladies and Gentleman, another deceitful scam has been launched in the binary options market, the Underdog Millionaire Pro is a system that will not only wipe out your entire invested capital but if you’re not cautious, it can end your trading career! Recent discoveries has led to the conclusion that this software will not bring you the results you desire, is just there to leave your bank accounts empty because if there is something that is guaranteed with this software is complete failure. That is why we recommend every visitor to read our Underdog Millionaire Pro Review to prevent any unfortunate events.

The the first thing you’ll notice is a very bland home page, a video and a registration form are the only things visible on the scam site. Isn’t this a multi million dollar software that is capable of generating 95% ITM? Why can’t they spend a few bucks on a decent design layout that shows what they are really about and what their brand is trying to accomplish, the common design layout that this systems has is the one you find in most binary options scams, a video and thin content. The reason for that is because they do not care about providing real info like the about us, what’s the software about, none of that because their main goal is to get you on board. Once you’re done watching the video and successfully registering to them, you’ll be pretty much useless because they’ve already scammed you.

Complete lack of authenticity and unique value

Well, the Underdog Millionaire Pro scam not only has little content on their site but the information that they actually provided is also useless! According to the voice narrator who we have no idea about because he never even bothered to introduce himself, the software was programmed by a very “talented” mathematician, his name is Albert Friedemann. Now, here lies the biggest problem, from what we understood from the spokesman is that Albert Friedemann is very well known for his abilities on developing consistent and profitable softwares in the investing world, his math skills allow him to produce unique algorithms that work exceptionally well in todays market. But the weird truth is that he is practically a ghost, if you do online search for this particular name, not one search result will be provided by this individual, he is not recognized in any industry by his so called techniques, not on the mathematician community or binary niche. Which just leads to the conclusion that there is no Albert Friedemann and he was only created for the sales script to be more convincing, software has really not offered one legitimate piece of information, just like the typical money making scheme.

But it gets even more interesting, according to this deceptive crook, the Underdog Millionaire Pro System works on mathematic algorithms that generate “decent” signals. There only two legitimate ways to analyse the market, either the technical or fundamental way. The technical implies indicators and chart patters, basically the trader is only going to focus on what the current price has done, no considerations of any news or predictions will be taken into account. Now, the fundamental analysis relies on pure market evaluation, that includes bank statements, unemployment rate and so on. So on the Underdog Millionaire Pro website, this fool only mentions that it works based on math algorithms, well, technical indicators rely on mathematical formulas to predict future price movements but if that’s the case, provides no unique features that will make any trader join them specifically, there are literally hundreds of signals services implementing the same algorithms so you time and money is better off somewhere else.

Short Idea of what the scam is all about

  1. No credible source of information that proves that this system actually works as they owner mentions.
  2. Mechanism behind this trading software is nothing but a cheap algorithm that every common auto trader implements, do not think this system is special in any way because it’s not.
  3. Albert Friedemann is individual we have no track records off, he doesn’t exist and was only mentioned to make the story more convincing and somewhat credible.
  4. Albert Friedemann does not know anything REAL about online trading.
  5. review is based on their app itself, no made up assumptions were made.

Trading Performance and other stupid statements made by the developers

Besides all the low quality information provided by their sales video, their trading performance is terrible. This system is supposed to make you thousands of dollars without any hard efforts, but real reports from traders found on comments and forums show that they are actually losing money to the extend that they are actually burning all their profits away. This could of easily been detected once the idiotic fool mentioned that this software was  capable of making 95 percent win rate, this is not in any way possible because if it were true, everybody in the entire world would be doing online trading, but since it’s not like that, people don’t do it. The most consistent and successful system out there only manage to get around 82 to 85 percent but 96 is just ridiculous, so please don’t think it’s possible!

End of the Underdog Millionaire Pro Review

software app scam

Underdog Millionaire Pro has shown every unwanted quality we could think off, after all the dirty tactics that we’ve found, we have reached a conclusion on our review and would like to state that app is a SCAM! This has nothing good to offer and the most likely scenario that happens if you invest your money with it, is an empty account and an angry mood on your face.

But don’t fear, there are real and legitimate software that actually work, you can try out the Copy Buffett Software, it’s a fully functional system that works based on real & tested strategies that investors use now a days, it’s constantly updated with fresh strategies so performance always stay consistent, it’s traders most trusted system and even our own team of traders use it. So please go ahead and check it out! Thank you for reading our Underdog Millionaire Pro Scam Review!

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